Why Lice-Shaming Needs To Stop And What You Can Do To Help!

Some things in life take us by surprise. No matter how many times we tell ourselves, “People no longer surprise me,” or “I’ve come to expect the worse,” there is always something that proves us wrong.  A cheating spouse who promised to stay with you for eternity A best friend spilling all of your secrets to others A coworker ratting you out to your boss Your friend taunting you because you caught head lice We can learn to forgive and forget people who have hurt us. But there’s something about the word “lice” that sends us into panic mode. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re contagious? Maybe it’s because we associate lice with uncleanliness? Whatever it is, we want to be as far away from “that person with lice” as possible. But being a lice victim is hard. Social stigma and alienation can become a traumatizing experience. So many people judge you for something that’s out of your control. That’s because people believe that having pesky critters in your hair means you lack personal hygiene. Here’s why that’s not the case:

­Lice Don’t Have A Preference

Here’s a fact: lice just love human blood. They don’t care if you have thick, unruly hair, or straight hair. They don’t care if you have short or long hair. That’s because lice thrive anywhere where they have access to human blood.

­Lice Victims Aren’t Under Control

When lice victims find out they have head lice, it’s often too late. A female louse can lay up to 6 eggs in a day. These eggs hatch within a week and the nymphs become adults within 6 days. The cycle continues and you’re dealing with hundreds of critters within 3 to 4 weeks!

­Lice Are Sneaky Creatures

Lice attack unexpectedly. They can easily hide inside strands of hair because the nits are white in color and the critters are black or brown. Because the nits are white, they’re easily mistaken for dandruff. In fact, some lice victims chalk it off as a skin condition or flakes because of dry skin.

­Lice ARE Treatable

What really makes it difficult for lice victims is that people believe that lice are difficult to get rid of. But with the right treatments, getting rid of the critters from one’s hair isn’t impossible. By visiting a lice removal clinic, getting rid of head lice in one sitting is possible! Lice specialists use natural treatments to ensure that no critters are left behind. With special combs and hair-thickening shampoos, they can get rid of the problem without damaging hair. Lice Troopers is one such service in Orlando. In addition, we also provide in-house lice treatment Orlando and home inspection services at a flat billing fee, with absolutely no hidden charges or additional costs. If you’re worried that a friend or coworker has lice, refer us to them! For more information, call us at 800-403-5423.