People will go to any extreme to be lice free from shaving off their hair, to resorting to dangerous, OTC chemical treatments and solutions. Such is the stigma and fear of having lice, that people cannot cope with the thought of having these little creatures anywhere near them.

In fact, even knowing someone around you has lice is enough to rile up crowds, with kids bullying and picking on each other, school administrators isolating kids and parents resorting to anything they can to treat lice.

DIY and OTC treatments only make things worse

Unfortunately, the truth is that most anything you attempt to do at home will be inefficient, time-consuming and likely fail as a measure. What makes these DIY and OTC treatments as bad as they are, you ask? Well:

1)The ingredients

We’ve all heard strange things about lice treatments made up of kitchen and bathroom ingredients. “Slather on tons of mayo and the lice will suffocate,” or “coat your hair in petroleum jelly and you’ll be lice-free in a few hours.”

How much truth is there to these hacks, though? There might be some value to this advice, but on the whole, neither of these items belongs on your head, clinging to your hair; messy to remove. They will clog hair follicles, cause damage to your hair and cause unintended problems.

Similarly, OTC lice medication and treatments are loaded with horribly harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and reactions. They might also get the job done, but not just at the expense of the lice. You’d be risking your hair and scalp health by exposing yourself to such intense chemical treatments.

2)The technique

Again, the technique that you’d use when opting for DIY treatments is likely to be wrong. Our lice removal experts are trained to do the job deftly and thoroughly, using high-quality tools and techniques. They go through dozens of clients each day and know how to remove all lice and nits quickly and thoroughly.

3)The damage

Lice Removal Experts

Yanking away at your hair, using poisonous chemicals, shaving or cutting hair, damaging it to no end—these are all outcomes of at-home, DIY treatments. We handle your hair with the utmost care at our lice removal clinics in Howell and Lakewood, NJ.

4)The inefficiency and ineffectiveness

Our treatments are time-bound and incredibly efficient because our experts are trained. You’ll be sitting day after day, frustrated and parting hair and checking for nits while still leaving some behind. Trust us and we won’t let you down!

Save your time and energy and give us a call on 732-806-7717 for guaranteed results!