4 Reasons Why Your Child Is Acting Out

Childhood is a tricky time; your little ones are trying to find how they fit into this world. It’s easy to imagine that their lives are not as complicated as yours, but at their age and mindset, even a seating change in their classroom is life-changing! If your child is acting out, the underlying reason, however simple, needs to be addressed. First off, find out why they seem so agitated. Here are a few suggestions:

Reason #1: They Feel Bad About Themselves

Kids can act badly when they feel like they are not living up to their adults’ expectations. It is a way for them to mask their true emotions. This happens in homes where kids are usually told to “toughen up”, and emotional expressions are not encouraged. Let your kids speak their mind. If they feel unhappy, let them express it. Let them cry. At their age, this is more positive and more mentally constructive than being tough.

Reason #2: They Want Your Attention

Children know that misbehaving is a great way to get attention, however negative, from parents who are otherwise too busy to address their concerns. Instead of giving them the reaction they want, deal with your child’s outbursts in a positive way. Be reasonable, and try to get them to comprehend the reason why they didn’t receive attention. Children can be quite understanding if you show you expect them to.

Reason #3: They Had A Falling Out With Friends

Usually, children are very quick to forget their quarrels. A sorry here, a handshake there, and the entire matter is behind them. However, sometimes, the conflict is deep enough to last for days; a problem which in turn causes them to become frustrated and lash out at home. Find out if that is the case, and help them resolve the conflict if you can. Otherwise, just let things play out by themselves. Your child will be back to walking arm-in-arm with their friend soon enough.

Reason #4: They Have Lice In Their Hair

Why would head lice ever make children act out? The two problems may seem unrelated, but they are not. Lice can keep children in an emotional loop of the fear of embarrassment, knowing that people might make fun of them. Combine that with the constant irritation and lack of sleep due to constant itching, and you have cranky kids who might misbehave as a result of lice troubles. Fortunately, Lice Troopers has you covered. We offer pesticide free and efficient lice treatments. Bring your child at our lice clinic, or call us at 800-403-5423 for our in-home professional lice removal services. These tips will hopefully help you out in getting to resolving your child’s troubles. Good luck parenting!