Why you need a lice salon for head lice treatment

We opt to choose professionals over amateurs in every walk of life to ensure positive results, and head lice treatment should be no different. Head lice can prove to be a nuisance for both the child and the parents, and they must be eradicated efficiently in order for them to not strike back. Over the counter lice elimination treatments contain chemicals that may prove to be detrimental to your child’s health and the lice may become resistant to toxins over time. Natural treatments – like using olive oil to remove lice – are known to yield unsatisfactory results. In this situation, it is highly recommended that parents and children visit a lice salon that’s committed to an pesticide free,nontoxic lice removal treatment. Here are a few of the benefits ofprofessional lice removal:

Treatment free of chemicals and toxins

At salons like Lice Troopers, we believe in a chemical free, nontoxic lice removal method. We don’t administer solutions containing pyrethrins on the scalp, because the fumes from the chemical can cause several respiratory tract infections if inhaled. These chemicals can damage the scalp and hair quality, and lice may develop resistance to them over time.

Head lice are gone in only one sitting

With the trained staff of a head lice salon, you don’t have to come for repeat treatments in order to get rid of a lice infestation. This is because our salon personnel are expertly trained and highly experienced. Our skilled professionals remove head lice in just one sitting, and get you back to normal life without any hassle.

Fail-safe results

Lice removal salons are results-oriented entities that use the most effective methods in order to terminate head lice. Decades of experience have proved our methods to be the safest and most effective.

It is a stress free option for the parents

Parents are probably more stressed out than children when it comes to head lice removal treatments. At a salon, parents don’t have to worry about a thing; they just sit back and relax while ourtrained lice removal specialistsdo their job. Lice Troopers administers pesticide free and fail safe methods to getyour child lice free. Click here to contact us and get rid of the lice today!