Prevent Your Kid From Getting Lice This Winter

Winter is the time for head-lice breakouts. After the holidays are over, your children will be heading back to school which gives lice an opportunity to spread. Here’s how you can prevent your kid from getting lice this winter.

1.Tell your kids not to share hats, scarves etc.

Children shouldn’t be sharing caps, hats and scarves any way to prevent catching lice but they should be even more careful in the winter. Lice can easily get caught in the thick threads of a knitted hat or scarf. All those layers increase the chances of the spreading of lice. Warn your children not to share any articles of clothing with their peers and to store them away from others.

2.Avoid head-to-head contact

Head-to-head contact is the easiest way for lice to spread. The critters have strong claws enabling them to cling onto hair. If your child is regularly bumping heads with a friend who’s infested, expect them to bring home some lice. Tell your children to avoid any head-to-head contact since this is how 99% of lice spread.

3.Tie up their hair

Girls are more likely to catch lice because they tend to have longer hair. Unless your little girl is alright with having her hair cut short, tie it up in a pony tail. Braiding it or making a bun is an even better solution. The less ‘surface-area’ the hair has, the lower the chances of her catching lice.

4.Do regular head checks

When you check your child’s head regularly, you can catch any lice that may have made their way on their heads and prevent an infestation. Remember, it could take 6 weeks before there are enough lice on your child’s head to cause itching so regular head checks are very helpful. If you’re child does happen to catch lice, don’t panic! If the idea of picking out creepy crawlies from your child’s head is too gross for you, let the professionals handle it! Lice Troopers have been cleaning lice-infected heads for years. Our lice removal service Pembroke Pines consist of pesticide free products with a 100% guarantee of complete removal of lice. We give you the option of choosing to visit us in our lice salon Pembroke Pines where we provide a safe and hygienic environment for lice-removal or we can come over to your place if that is where you’re more comfortable. Contact us for more information.