Keep Calm: Maintaining Your Safety and Wellbeing During a Lice Removal Appointment

With schools in Glen Cove likely to reopen in the fall, you have a window to utilize your remaining COVID-19 quarantine time to get rid of another publicly known health problem: a lice infestation. These little monsters—a bane of life with school-going kids—were recently brought under the spotlight because of the Ivermectin hype, lice killing drug that was used to kill coronavirus in a laboratory setting. Though lice aren’t notorious for transmitting diseases, they can be very embarrassing if they decide to show up in front of a friend, colleague, or family member. And resisting yourself from scratching your head in a gathering is the worst part—but the lice won’t stop biting! But currently, you are faced with an excellent opportunity. You and your kids aren’t going our much, and there has been a decrease in the familial gatherings too. It’s an excellent time to get yourself thoroughly treated for lice removal in Glen Cove. Even if one nit is missed, the lice army will once again begin creeping toward (head) domination. But a decline in the prevalence—and some lice-free time—will certainly be a relief for kids and parents alike. However, make sure you’re following the below-mentioned safety measures if you’re visiting our lice treatment center in Glen Cove for a lice removal service.

Safety Measures You Should Take for a Safe Lice Treatment

Book an Appointment Before Visiting the Treatment Center

We no longer live in a time where we could walk into a lice treatment center and get our head checked and treated. Our safety protocols require employees to keep a distance of 6-feet from each other and the clients when they are not being serviced. We have removed some seats from our waiting area to keep each seat at a safe distance. To ensure all these protocols are followed, we need to reduce the crowd in our facility at a given time, and you can help us accomplish that by making an appointment. This will also help you ensure if your lice treatment center has enough space for accommodating you while abiding by the safe distancing guidelines.

Monitor Your Symptoms Before During the Treatment

After the first treatment session, keep a check if you are feeling any of the following symptoms.
·         Fever or chills ·         Loss of smell
·         Muscle pain and body ache ·         Fatigue
·         Shortness of breath ·         Loss of taste
·         Cough ·         Diarrhea
·         Headache ·         Chest congestion or runny nose
·         Vomiting or nausea ·         Sore throat
Keep monitoring your temperature, pulse rate, and oxygen levels to ensure the symptoms aren’t aggravating.

Wear Masks and Gloves Before Leaving Home

This is no longer optional. Just like you don’t forget wearing shoes before leaving home, wearing gloves and masks have become equally imperative. At a lice treatment center in Glen Cove, you have to be in close contact with the lice specialists. According to the CDC, the coronavirus may transmit from an infected person to you if you’re in the 6-feet range without wearing a mask. Many cases of coronavirus have been reported where the patients were asymptomatic. Therefore, it’s better for your safety to wear a mask, in any case.

No Mask? Wear a Cloth Covering

If you’re out of face masks and need to go for a lice removal service urgently, consider wearing a cloth face covering before heading out of your home. For Others’ Safety, Remember the Coughing and Sneezing Etiquette Man coughing into his elbow to minimize the coronavirus spread By covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing, you can play your part in keeping others. Here is what you can prevent the virus spread.
  • Use tissue paper to cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing.
  • Properly dispose of the used tissue paper.
  • Can’t find a tissue? Cover your mouth and nose with the elbow, not your palms.

Stay Home If You’re Sick

This goes without saying, if you experience even the mildest symptoms of COVID-19, delay your lice removal service appointment.

Protect Yourself When Using Public Transportation

If you cannot arrange personal conveyance and must use public transport to go for a Glen Cove lice removal, follow these guidelines.
  • Wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds and sanitize using a sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content). Repeat this as soon as you reach the treatment center before touching any other surface.
  • Don’t touch your face, nose, mouth, and eyes while the hands are still unwashed.
  • Follow the coughing and sneezing etiquette while traveling in public transport.
  • Sit or stand at least 6 feet from other travelers in the public transport or at the bus or train station.

Avoid Contacting Your Face With Hands

Man touching his face with hands, which is against coronavirus safety guidelines Even after washing and sanitizing your hands upon reaching the lice treatment center, we recommend that you not touch your mouth, nose, and eyes during the lice treatment. You never if the surface you just touched, was touched by an infected person.

Get Equipped Before Leaving for a Lice Removal in Glen Cove

Before you leave your home, keep some sanitizing disposable wipes, a portable hand sanitizer, a spare mask or cloth covering, and a pair of gloves in your bag. If all these measures make you feel overwhelming, we’d suggest you stay home and call for our in-home lice removal services. Here are some safety protocols our lice specialists follow during an in-house lice treatment.

Safe In-House Lice Removal Services

  • They won’t enter your home without wearing Proper Protective Equipment (PPE), including gloves, masks, shoe wraps, smocks, etc.
  • Unless you’ve hired us for a complete home lice inspection and cleaning, our lice specialists are required to stay in one area.
  • They won’t touch any surfaces in your home unless required for the lice removal service.
  • Before leaving your home, they will clean, disinfect, and sanitize every surface they may have contacted.
Do you still feel unsafe in letting our lice specialists visit your home because of the COVID-19?  We completely understand you. Most of us are panic-stricken, and your concerns are valid. If you feel like doing the lice removal on your own, we’d rather advise you to use our lice removal kits instead of over the counter pesticides and other unreliable products consisting of harmful chemicals that may harm your head, hair, and health.

Use an Pesticide Free Lice Treatment Home Kit

A lice treatment home kit with shampoo, leather, carpet, and upholstery cleaner, and a lice extraction comb Our professional lice treatment products are pesticide free, non-toxic, and offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Our lice removal kits and product line comprises of the following products.

A lice treatment shampoo

Our shampoos are hypoallergenic, free of toxic chemicals, safe for kids, and incredibly useful in removing nit and lice. This shampoo won’t just help you get rid of nits and lice, but it will also provide your hair with necessary nourishment, leaving them soft, shiny, and well-hydrated. For daily use, apply a generous amount of our lice treatment shampoo to your dry hair and massage into your scalp. Part your hair in small sections and spread the shampoo in each section using our metal lice comb. Repeat this process until you can’t get any more lice and nits in the lice comb. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm or cold water and style as you do!

A Lice Extraction Comb

You won’t find a lice extraction comb this fine in the market—that too on a discounted price of $13.50! The comb is made with perfection using highly durable and stainless steel. It can be washed and reused multiple times for regular at-home head lice monitoring. The design of this comb allows for a comfortable grip, and the tightly packed teeth make it effective in waging war on both nits and lice—effortlessly.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Treating a lice problem doesn’t only concern your hair; it includes treating the entire house. Lice can easily crawl to the upholstery and carpets in your home whenever you’re in head-to-head contact. They hide on your carpet and upholstery, where they are mostly invisible. They cling on to the fabric until they find their next victim—their new home. Before you get to cleaning removing the nits and lice in your hair, you must inspect your furniture and carpets and clean them using our lice killing Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners. If you skip this part, you, your family, and even your guests will be at a high risk of developing head lice infestation again.

Leather Cleaner

An orange leather sofa that may have a lice infestation As strange as it sounds, you never know how many lice could be resting on your leather sofa in your home, your car’s leather seating, and your favorite leather jacket that you didn’t wash before hanging in the closet. Lice do feed on human blood, but they can remain alive on surfaces other than human head for a reasonably long time. Let’s consider a situation. You found a few lice and nits in your head and immediately decided to order our Lice Treatment Shampoo and Lice Extraction Comb to remove them. You got rid of the lice in your head—great! But it may not last for long if a louse or nit managed to cling on to your leather sofas and car seating. They’ll ultimately crawl back again on your head as soon as you use those services, and they’ll grow into an army before the symptoms show up. If you want to prevent lice re-occurrence after removing them once, clean all the leather surfaces in your home and car with our Anti-Lice and Anti-Nits Leather Cleaner. Our leather cleaners are bio-degradable and safe to use on automotive equipment and household.

Lice Repellant

You can literally catch lice from anyone and everyone you love. But can you stop sleeping, hugging, cuddling, and living with your kid, spouse, or best friend? You cannot. And that’s why we recommend everyone to own a good-quality lice repellent with pesticide free ingredients. The secret ingredient in our head Lice Repellent is garlic, but don’t worry, the smell won’t repel people. It will go away in a few seconds, and no one will be able to notice. Just take a few drops on your palm, rub both palms together, and work for your hands from your hair roots the ends. Because our lice repellent consists of garlic, it’s advised to close the cap firmly and store it at a cool and dry spot, once the container is opened. Don’t know how to get rid of lice on your own? Our lice specialists have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you treat your lice problem at home using our professional lice treatment kit. Read on.

Lice Removal At Home in 10 Steps

A woman brushing her hair before applying lice treatment shampoo

Step 1: Shampoo Massage

Take a generous amount of our Lice Treatment Shampoo and spread it through your dry hair. Gently massage it across your hair and into your scalp. Stop when each hair strand is coated in shampoo, and your hair feels moisturized.

Step 2: Untangle your locks.

Brush your hair with a regular comb or a boar bristle brush to untangle the hair for smooth lice extraction.

Step 3: Coat the Comb

Take our lice extraction comb and dip its teeth into the thickening agent. Make sure it’s properly coated.

Step 4: Begin the War

Part your hair in small sections using hair clips and start combing each section with the lice comb. Start at your hair roots, combing down to the ends. Make sure you don’t stop halfway through your hair length.

Step 5:  See the Trophy

Have a look at the lice extraction comb, and if you see plenty of lice and nits stuck in between the comb teeth, know that lice removal was the right decision. Wipe the comb with a paper towel and make sure the teeth are clean before repeating the steps.

Step 6: Repeat Till There’s None

Comb each hair section one by one, using a lice extraction comb and repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 until you stop seeing the nits and lice on the comb.

Step 7: Recheck

When you’re done, check your head using a handheld mirror, or ask a family member to check your head for any signs of lice and nits.

Step 8: Take a Shower

No sign of the clingy creatures? Great. Now take a nice shower and wash the shampoo off your hair with water. Don’t use any regular shampoo to wash your hair; just plain water.

Step 9: Sterilize the comb.

After washing your hair, soak the Lice Extraction Comb for at least 25 minutes in boiling water. Sterilization is vital to get rid of all the eggs, nits, and dead scalp cells from the comb, so it’s safe to be reused in the future. Our combs are made of stainless steel, and you can sterilize them and reuse them as many times you want. However, if you’re using a plastic comb, throw it away after the lice treatment. It won’t survive the sterilization, and it shouldn’t be reused without it—no point keeping.

Step 10: Reduce the chances of Re-occurrence

To make sure there are no nits or lice left in your hair, repeat steps 1 through 9 the next day or two days. Lice Troopers also offers in-home lice removal treatments, and complete home lice inspection and cleaning for people who prefer a professional do their lice treatment. During these services, a lice specialist visits the clients’ home for a complete and thorough lice removal. The lice treatment center in Glen Cove is following strict safety protocols as guided by the CDC to maintain the wellbeing of their clients during in-home lice treatments and complete home lice inspection and cleaning.

How Can Lice Troopers Help?

If you want to buy our lice removal kit or lice treatment products, browse through our online shop to avail exciting sale discounts. But if you feel like you can follow the safety measures and visit our lice treatment center in Glen Cove for a lice removal service, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. Don’t feel like extracting lice and nits from your hair on your own, but also don’t want to leave your home? Don’t worry. Our lice specialists will be at your service in your home, in no time. Whether you choose to come to our lice treatment center or have us come over for an in-house lice removal service in Glen Cove—we are following strict Standard Operating Procedures and safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of our clients and workers. We’ve dedicated a team that monitors every update in the safety guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and we continually modify our protocols accordingly. We’ve improved our 500,000 families’ lives with our top-quality lice removal services in Glen Cove, Lawrence, Port Washington, and Merrick in New York and other nearby locations. You can rely on our services for 100% guaranteed results and the use of only the best-quality pesticide free products. Have a look at what our customers have to say about our lice removal services if you have any doubts. We also care about environmental sustainability, which is why all the products offered at our online shop and used in our services are free of toxicant and harmful chemicals. Your kid will love us too! Our lice specialists know how to treat kids with love and care during a lice removal service. We further provide them with a Lice-Free Certificate, so they continue their school without any worries, with full confidence. Delaying lice treatment can cause the infestation to increase and spread to other family members. If you suspect any head lice symptoms, don’t put it off and call our Glen Cove lice treatment center for a same-day appointment or same-day free delivery for any of our lice treatment products. We work seven days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM, so we can be there for our clients whenever they need us for a despairing lice problem. What’s more? You get a free Lice Troopers Educational Guide by some of our most experienced lice specialists after a lice treatment at Lice Troopers Glen Cove.  The guide will help you prevent head lice re-occurrence in the future. Connect with us at (516) 213-5624 for more queries and concerns.