Summer Camp Head Lice Horror: Preparing the Parents

With summer time comes the opportunity to don on your best summer dresses, get into those flip flops, and spend some much-needed relaxation time by the beach or in the local pool. For many parents, summer is also a time where they can capitalize on the fun learning opportunities summer camp has to offer, and sign up their kids for a few weeks of socialization and educational—yet recreational—activities. One thing that parents tend to forget that they’re signing up for with summer camp is the tragic inevitability of head lice. Like schools, summer camps are also the perfect breeding ground for lice, and with so many young children working together, playing together, and living together, all it takes is a little head to head contact until you have camp-wide lice outbreak.

Taking All the Right Precautions

A few important pointers when it comes to summer camp and head lice:
  • Parents should give kids thorough combing to ensure no head lice or nits are present before sending them off to summer camp.
  • The camp administration should conduct screenings, and have a policy in place on what to do in the event of a lice infestation.
  • Both the camp and the parents should work together to curb lice infestations. Ideally, a child can be sent home, or can be allowed back once treatment has been administered.
  • Children at the summer camp should be given information and ground rules on sharing personal items such as towels, pillows, and combs to help minimize chances of an infestation spreading.
camp fire There’s nothing like sitting by a campfire, telling camp stories, and sharing the enthusiasm of a wholesome, fun learning experience. However, if all the kids are itching away at lice-infested scalps all the while, then that’s not really anybody’s idea of a good time! For this reason, it’s important for both parents and the camp administration to have a plan of action at hand, and to make use of the right professional services to help kids be rid of lice. At Lice Troopers, we make use of only organic products, taking care to keep the well-being of the child the topmost priority and working hard to ensure child safety in the clinic and at in-home appointments. If you’re located in the Florida region and are in need of a lice treatment clinic to help take care of your head lice problem, Lice Troopers is certainly your best bet. We also work with summer camps by providing head lice screenings to ensure that attending children are lice-free, and to help curb a lice outbreak before it can spread too far. With safe, organic lice removal treatments, we ensure that all head lice and nits are removed entirely. Not only is our treatment effective, it is also quite the cost-effective investment for parents. If your child’s stint at summer camp has resulted in an unfortunate encounter with head lice, give us a call at 800 403 5423 to book an appointment!