Why Lice Outbreaks Having Nothing to Do with Poor Hygiene

There’s a lice outbreak at school and every parent is now looking at each other suspiciously, thinking: Who is this child that caused this outbreak? Did their parents not keep their child’s hair clean? How irresponsible! Now, if you’re one of these parents, here’s something we want you to know about it:

Lice outbreaks have nothing to do with poor hygiene!

So it’s just a myth?

Yes, the idea that lice like dirty hair and actually spread from dirty hair is nothing but a misinformed and untrue statement. But this doesn’t mean that lice like clean hair. In fact, lice do not have any special preferences at all when it comes to the scalp they suck the blood from. If they find a human head, they will infest it.

But there is a fact here;

Lice actually find it easier to infest cleaner hair, mainly because there’s nothing obstructing their path. For example, if a child has a scalp free from any debris or product residue, it’ll be easier for them to roam around and infest deeper. In contrast, if a louse has infested ‘dirty hair’, or one that has sweat on the scalp, that’ll make it harder for the bug to roam around. Also, if you have lice, washing your hair over and over will not actually do you any good, since lice are strong enough to withstand the dunking. They’ll simply hold on to your hair follicle when you submerge or wash your head, and will roam around again once you’ve cleaned your scalp!

But if they don’t spread from dirty hair, how else do they spread?

From any head that was within proximity of someone who had lice. Children usually end up getting lice more easily, because they study in an enclosed space. They store their bags and coats, usually in the same place. And since lice cannot jump, they end up walking from one surface to the next, thus spreading.

How Do You Treat Lice?

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