5 Great Tips for Coping With Lice-Related Stress

You child’s school just contacted you to let you know that your child has lice. Or perhaps you yourself detected the pesky critters crawling about your kid’s hair while you were brushing it. Either way, what followed was panic, worry and may be even guilt. And you are not alone. This myriad of emotions is what almost every parent feels after knowing about a lice infestation. However, negative emotions won’t help you solve the issue; in fact, these may just make it worse. Here’s how you can cope with stress during a lice epidemic:

1.Know the facts

First off, lice do not carry any disease, which means that your child is safe. Lice infestations are actually more common than you think; over 6 million children in the U.S. alone get head lice, girls more so than boys.

2.Do not overreact

Your emotion carries throughout your household. If you stress, so does your child. They need to know that head lice are not a world-ending problem or something they need to be ashamed of, and that they and you are not at fault in anyway.

3.Shun the stigma

Despite having heard about lice, including how they are contracted—that is, via head-to-head contract or through sharing of belongings—people still believe that dirtiness or messiness “causes” lice. Never let yourself be swayed by myths and misinformation, and if you encounter someone with wrong lice beliefs, set the record straight.

4.Go easy on yourself

Short of banning your child from ever going out, to school or friends’ and family’s home, there is not much you can do about preventing a lice infestation. Lice are sneaky and resilient, a combination that does not work well in any one’s favor, except maybe lice’s. So, don’t berate yourself for not preventing lice from getting to your child.

5.Go for a natural lice treatment

The longer you put off a safe lice treatment, or if you go for an ineffective or hazardous one, such as a home remedy or an OTC (over-the-counter) lice product, the longer your child suffers from a consistently itchy scalp and troubled night’s sleep. Also, the more a lice infestation expands, the more likely are the chances of lice getting out of your child’s hair and spreading around the house. Make an appointment for a head lice treatment with Lice Troopers. Housing the top lice specialists in town, we offer pesticide free solutions. In one short appointment, we help you get rid of your head lice and lice-related stress. Call us today at 800-403-5423 to let us help you!