The Purpose and Life of Head Lice

You must have dealt with the disgusting and persistent issue of lice removal at least once in your life. Contracting a bad case of head lice is an inevitable fact of life, but you may have often wondered where the nasty critters come from! As many have discovered, it doesn’t matter if the host’s head is clean or dirty—lice will make a home anywhere. What other grievances do head lice give us?

Origin of the Common Head Louse as a Origin of the Common Head Louse as a  SpeciesSpecies

Scientists reckon that the head lice we suffer from today actually co-evolved with people. This means the little critters evolved at much the same pace as humans did! Additionally, specific species of primates harbor lice that are unique and specific to that species. Animals may also carry lice. However, humans cannot get those lice. This means the louse which humans get is different from other types of lice.

Head Lice –How Prevalent Is It?

It only makes sense; if your child contracts even a mild case of head lice, you’ll want to know if it is also contracted by others. In short, is the case you’re experiencing different in intensity, or the same as what everyone else is experiencing? It’s not easy to determine this since there’s no way to keep track of all head lice and re-infestation cases that occur in the country.

What Does Having Lice Teach Us?

Yes, having lice is a pain. A big one, too! Add the “No Nit Policy” that many schools have applied, and it seems parents can’t have a break! So, what gives? What can we learn from it? Head Lice Teaches Us Patience Think of the many hours your own mother painstakingly spent going through your head all those years ago. Even after carefully removing and killing the nasty critters, a re-infestation showed its ugly head after only two weeks. But your mother tackled the seemingly impossible task of lice removal with patience and methodical lice removal. Lice Isn’t the Worst Thing to Happen Even in its most severe outbreak and re-infestation, having lice isn’t endOrigin of the Common Head Louse as a  Species of the world. Nor is it a cause for humiliation and embarrassment. If you ever get caught thinking about how bad the infestation is, keep this in mind as well: illness, loss, bankruptcy, etc are worse things that happen to people everyday. Nobody wants head lice at the end of the day, whether in its most mild or severe case. As a Miami based lice removal service, we offer parents the best resource and treatment for lice. Book an appointment today.