Be a Super Mom In The Face Of Super Lice!

You see your kid begin to itch his or her head and that alone is enough to activate a fear response. The very thought of lice in your kid’s heads ends chills down your spine. To add to your worries, these lice have now become super lice. According to this research published in the journal of medical entomology, it has been found that super lice have expanded their territory and reached 48 states in the country. This means that this phenomenon is real and looming.

Why Lice Treatment Shampoos Don’t Work AnymoreLice Treatment Shampoos Don’t Work Anymore

Just as some strains of bacteria have developed resistance against antibiotics, these creepy crawlers have also found a way to survive common lice treatment shampoos. According to a study conducted by Kyong Sup Yoon and colleagues, it was found that around 99% of lice had developed a mutant gene that helps them survive treatments with insecticides permethrin and pyrethrin. Although these critters are not destructive, the rise of mutant genes gives them atleast some power.

What Should You Do?

This may be your nightmare as a mom, but it’s not as if you can’t do anything about it. Super lice may have developed a powerful mutantgene, but what about your own super powers acquired through years of practicing child rearing? Here’s what you can do about super lice:

Nitpicking—It Works!

With chemical treatment methods out of the equation, nit picking may be your best solution (not that it wasn’t before). Lice can’t survive a nit comb. Applying a high quality nit comb on wet hairwill make sure that not only lice, but nits are removed too. However, this may require patienceonyourpart.

Hire Professional Service

One of the best ways to deal with this lice situation is to employ the services of people who do it best. Do your research and hire a reliable lice treatment service Weston FL.With this super lice breakout, you obviously want to hire professionals who use natural methods.

Keep Other Kids Away

Now that one of your kids has been infested with lice, it is very likely that it will trigger an outbreak—that is, it may hijack your other kids’ heads too. Make sure you avoid all head-to-head contact until it is treated. Also, thoroughly clean pillow covers, sofa covers, bed sheets and so on, as lice can live alive on them. Finally, relax! You are a super mom—you’ll get through this! We understand how super lice operate. Our lice services Weston Fl have devised ways to remove these creepy bugs. Contact us for a natural lice treatment.