Hair Style Hell – Can Lice Infest Hair Extensions?

You thought you were safe from lice as long as you had hair extensions. After all, those strands are made from synthetic or real hair, neither of which is attached to the root. Why would you get lice at all? Unfortunately, the truth is that even if you have hair extensions, lice will still find a way to infest. Lice get attached to every type of hair, and that includes hair extensions. Whether that mild lice infestation converts into a heavy infestation though, depends on how far those lice make it into your hair. If you can get those extensions removed before the lice head to your scalp, you may just avoid getting a full-blown infestation.

Length Matters

Lice don’t have a hair preference, so even if you have curly, short, thick or thin hair – the lice will find a way. They need to reach your scalp in order to feed off your blood and lay their eggs near the roots. A way they may infest your hair is if your hair touches something that has louse on it. For example, if you have long hair, they have a greater area to spread in. they may come in touch with someone else, or even inanimate objects. If a louse is in the vicinity, it may get picked up. And while brushing your hair, the louse might be transported to your scalp leading to an infestation. Whether you have extensions or not, will not matter in this case. Their length will do a fine job in helping the lice infest your hair.

Will Removing the Extensions Work?

Yes. If you notice some itchiness or telltale dandruff-like flakes on the strands, removing the extensions should be your first move. If the lice are still on the extensions and haven’t reached your scalp, removing the extensions may help you escape the infestation. If the lice have spread, removing the extensions will at least ensure you that any anti-lice treatment you get will not damage them. However, proceed with caution if you plan to wear those extensions again. Lice can survive for up to 48 hours without human blood. Carefully comb through the extensions using a fine-toothed comb or ask a lice specialist for guidance on what to do with them.

Treating Head Lice

Never use over-the-counter treatments when dealing with lice. Along with being ineffective, these treatments can cause allergic reactions as well, so it’s better to go to a lice clinic rather than try anything at home. Lice Troopers Coral Gables, Miami is a leading clinic for lice removal. Come to our establishment with your head-lice related problems. We’ll fix your problems in a jiffy!