Natural vs. Home Remedies – Which Lice Treatment is the Best?

You type in ‘home remedies for lice’ and you’ll get about 461,000 results in 0. 54 seconds. But how many of these results are actually effective? Sure, most articles will direct you to the nearest store (or your kitchen cabinet) so you can use over-the-counter treatments or use hare-brained schemes to get rid of lice with 5 easy ingredients! But not many will tell you how bad the side effects are after you apply one of those to your lice-infested hair.

4 Common Lice Removal Home Remedies that Don’t Work

  • Olive Oil Treatment

This is the least frustrating of all treatments, but ineffective nonetheless. The trick is to apply olive oil to your hair and leave it for at least 6 hours. The oil suffocates the lice, which you can then remove with a nit comb. You’re supposed to repeat this process until there are no more lice on the lice comb. However, the problem with this treatment is that even if you take the lice out, the nits will still remain. And there is only so many times you can use expensive oil like olive oil on your scalp without overdoing it.
  • Mayonnaise

A lot of people use mayonnaise and even vinegar at times to handle nits and lice. However, even though these ingredients do kill off lice, they don’t target the nits or the stronger adult lice. So no matter how many times you use this remedy, there will always be lice to kill.
  • Cutting off Your Hair

Unless you’re thinking about going bald, this trick is a no-no. Anything short of completely removing your hair will not work, since the lice lay eggs near the root of the hair shaft. Cutting your hair short will not affect them. They’ll still be roaming on your scalp and sucking the blood when needed.
  • Over-the-Counter Treatments

Natural Ingredients for Lice RemovalLice have become more resistant to over-the-counter drugs for lice removal. So even if you do use a stronger chemical treatment, you’ll only end up getting an allergic reaction or a chemical burn. These ingredients are quite volatile (they’re meant to kill off the lice, after all!). Additional exposure to them will only increase your problems.

Why use Natural Ingredients for Lice Removal?

A major reason why lice clinics like Lice Troopers in Carol Gables, Miami offer pesticide free lice removal treatments is because we know how sensitive our scalp can be, and how ineffective these home remedies are. Natural treatments not only remove lice, they do so while providing nourishment to your scalp. So you have healthier roots and cleaner lice-free hair. If you’d like to receive treatment for lice removal, go to any of our , Florida!