What to Do When Your Child Has Head Lice

You will certainly not be a happy parent to know that your child has head lice. While it is a common knowledge that these critters carry no diseases and do not cause great harm, but the itching and their mere presence in the scalp is not desirable. Let us give you a comprehensive guide to understand head lice, so that you may remove them methodically when your child is infested by them:

The Life of Lice

Head lice are approximately the size of a sesame seed. These are six-legged parasites which feed off the human head, and are hard to see. Nits are the eggs that female lice glue onto hair near the scalp, and are even more difficult to locate. Head lice can’t live away from warmth and food for more than a few days, and they can survive submersion for more than six hours. They are not able to fly, so only head to head contact, or using same brushes and towels will cause a transfer of head lice to happen.

How to Treat Lice

As head lice can survive submersion, it is futile to use petroleum jelly and oils to suffocate them. Over the counter remedies that contain pyrethrins are harmful because these substances are said to be carcinogenic. Furthermore, fumes inhaled can cause thinning of alveolar walls of the lung and will make oxygen absorption difficult for the users lungs. A surefire way to remove head lice completely is contacting professionals who are experts in this field. They are trained to handle this job and will ensure that there are no lice or nits left.

Check Everyone for Lice

The last thing you want after a lice infestation is a re-infestation. Make sure you check your household for bugs, and let the child’s schoolmates and friends know about your situation so that they get their own scalps screened. Wash the beddings and towels and throw away brushes that were used by the infested person. For stuffed toys, leave them for at least 20 minutes in the dryer to make sure no head lice are hiding in there. Lice Troopers is a premium head lice removing company that offers state of the art lice eradication techniques that are pesticide free and chemical free. Click here to find out how we help.