Can Head Lice Survive Cold Weather?

You would think that during the cold winter months, there would be fewer pests around. While this is true for outdoor bugs, it isn’t the case with indoor insects like head lice. If you’re a parent wondering if the chilly weather has an effect on the creepy crawlies on your child’s head, keep reading!

The Truth About Head Lice And Cold

Unfortunately, lice don’t take a winter vacation. This means that even when the temperatures drop, the lice on a person’s head continue to thrive. They’re here to stay, and they don’t care what the city’s temperature is. However, the rate of infestation is far slower during the winter because people are likely to be covering their heads with hats and beanies. This significantly lowers the risk of a louse crawling into your hair. The bottom line is, though, that your child is still prone to getting a head lice infestation during the winter. If they continuously interact with kids and share hair accessories with them, then you might have a problem on your hands (or in their hair!).

Treatment Options

Treatment Options If you’ve spotted a head louse in your hair or noticed that your child has been scratching their head a little too much lately, it’s time to take action. Just because head lice and nits are resilient parasites, you don’t have to resort to strong, potentially harmful chemicals as a solution. Many OTC lice removal prescription shampoos and drugstore treatment products contain toxic chemicals. The best solution is a chemical-free one. Lice are tough enough to have become resistant to pesticides, which only exposes you and your family to unnecessary toxins. Ensure that the lice removal treatment you choose is pesticide free and safe for children of all ages.

Professional Lice Treatment Clinic

Families based in Hollywood, Florida, rely on Lice Troopers for complete head louse parasite removal. Our trained lice doctors use the time-honored solution of combing through the hair and using an advanced removal comb to remove every single bug and egg. If you think you or your children are exposed to lice, schedule a screening at our child-friendly salon to stop the spread in its tracks. Our repertoire of services includes home inspection as well as in-home lice removal services. Without using pesticide sprays, or other harmful chemical products in your home we provide a lice-free living space within 2 hours. Our pesticide free head lice removal services are available for during the evening and weekend hours.