Essential Home Cleaning Tips after a Head Lice Breakout

Your child is finally getting the lice treatment they need, thus freeing up your time and energy so you can focus on another big errand that can’t be ignored any longer; the cleaning of the house. After a lice infestation, it’s important that you take every step you can to ensure that your house is clean. But with such tiny critters, how do you make sure that your home is lice-free? Lice Troopers, from Pembroke Pines, FL has some essential tips that can help you with that!

1.Dry It Right

Just washing your clothes and any item your child came in contact with will not have any effect on lice. Instead, collect all the items and put them in the dryer for around 45 minutes on high heat. This includes any bed linens, teddy bears, comforters, blankets, pillowcases, scarves, hats, and jackets that were worn for the last 1–2 days.


Hairbrushes, accessories, helmets, hats, any items that can’t be dried should be placed in a Ziploc bag and let to rest overnight in the freezer. You can choose to rinse off the combs, brushes and any accessories that can be cleaned. But even keeping those items in a sealed bag should be enough to rid of any lice.

3.Thorough Cleaning

Grab a vacuum and clean any area where your child sat down. This includes your car seats and safety seats. Use a light setting to clear out the rugs, sofas, carpets and chairs and make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the furniture. For added safety, use a lint roller to swipe at the headrests.

4.Care, Don’t Share

Ask your child if there are any items they may have shared with their friends, like scarves or hair ties. Educate them about not sharing when there is a lice outbreak and make sure to teach them about the tactful way of handling things, i.e., being respectful when sharing items and not asking for them back if they lend. Use the dryer for those items as well. And be sure to return them to their rightful owner so all your bases are covered.

5.Clean at Intervals

There really is no reason to clean your house every day. Only redo your cleaning spree if you detect any lice in someone’s hair. Yes, you might want to redo cleaning anyway, since it’ll comfort you. But this is just a way of amping up your anxiety.

Find an Alternative Approach

If all this work is too much for you, the easiest way of getting the same results is by hiring a company that offers lice removal services for homes and schools, like us! Lice Troopers in Pembroke Pines, FL is a leading professional clinic that offers pesticide free lice removal treatments as well as screenings and home cleanings to all concerned parents. Don’t waste time! Contact us right away and let us help you get rid of any lice in your vicinity!