Finally Got Rid of Head Lice? Time to Take Some Preventive Measures

Head lice can be a menace, to say the least. Your head feels itchy, you feel like something is walking on your scalp all the time, and you get increasingly annoyed. Thankfully, you’ve considered the option of going to a professional lice removal service in Orlando for natural lice treatment. So all that irritation is over! But the memories are still there and they’re making your paranoid. What if there are still some lice or nits left? Let’s just cross our fingers, wish for the best and take some pre-emptive measures of our own to ensure that does NOT happen!

Here’s what you need to know…

·Remember that it’s Medication

And medication needs time to work properly. After receiving treatment, ask your lice doctor if they have any after-care products like shampoos and conditioners specially designed for hair with lice, how long you should use those and when you should revert back to your regular hair-washing habits.

·Comb Your Own Hair

Even though natural lice removal treatments are quite effective, they won’t likely work after one session, especially if you have a greater infestation. Use a special nit comb and brush your hair thoroughly after every wash, especially around those target areas such as behind the ears, and at the base of your neck.

·Get a Complete Home Inspection and Cleaning

Clothing, pillowcase, blankets, bed sheets and even the odd stuffed animal could have a lice or two roaming around on/in it. Rather than risking a re-infestation, hire a home inspection and cleaning service like Lice Troopers to scour your abode for any suspected lice.

·Follow the Basic Tips

Some of these tips are:
  • Washing your clothes in hot water
  • Not sharing hair accessories, brushes with other members of the household
  • Going for an after-care session to your friendly neighborhood lice clinic
  • Maintaining home cleanliness
  • Not using any home remedies or OTC treatments to treat that phantom itch
Doing so will keep you lice-free for a long time.

Visit Lice Troopers Winter Park, Orlando

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