6 Prevention Tips to Help You Stay Lice Free This Summer

Your kids have another month or so before school begins in September. Another month of fun in the sun. However, there are some party poopers that live on the human head only to ruin our fun. Statistics show that about 6 to 12 million children ranging from ages 3 to 11 years suffer from head lice infestation every year. Well then, don’t you worry, we have 10 prevention tips that will help you enjoy your summer lice free!

Routine head checks

Don’t wait for your child to complain about itchy scalps. Make sure you check their heads at least once a week. Lice eggs are easier to spot as they’re usually attached to strands of hair. Be extra vigilant around the back hairline and behind the ears; those are popular spots for lice to hang out.

Keep separate hairbrushes

This is especially important in a house with children, slumber parties and summer camps. Separate Hairbrushes Lice can easily switch locations by transferring onto objects and then to other heads. Keep that from happening by making sure that everyone has their own hair brushes.

Strategize at sleepovers

Summers are all about sleepovers for children and it’ll be evil to take that away from them. What you can do is put them to sleep in a flower or star pattern with their feet joint in the center, giving their heads enough space to keep any lice from jumping around from one person to another.

Avoid head-to-head contact

avoid head to head contact to prevent lice Explain the ease of transfer of lice to your children and ask them to avoid any head-to-head contact with their friends and classmates.

Cover seats with a scarf

Especially in movie theaters and air planes, try to cover your seat with a scarf. Lice can live by themselves for a day or two, so the person before you may have left some for you. Save yourself by resting your head on your trusty old scarf.

Be smart about hairdos

Studies suggest that girls are more prone to head lice than boys, probably since girls like to show off their longer locks. It’s this that makes them more attractive to creepy head lice. hair tied in braids and buns will help prevent lice Keeping hair tied in braids and buns will help prevent them from playing hosts to any little monsters as these hair styles don’t give much room to lice move around and spread. If your child has already been attacked by lice, contact Lice Troopers immediately. Our lice treatment service will fight their army and free your child of these pesky parasites in no time. We also provide in home head lice removal services so you can get your treatment in the comfort of your home!