Lice Lovin’: Types of Hair Most Susceptible to Lice Infestations

Your long, luscious, and thick hair is the envy of everyone in your friends group. Everyone wants to know the secret to your gorgeous curls, and that beautiful shine. You’re proud of the way your hair bounces when you walk. You’re proud of the fact that you’ve never once had a bad hair day. If anything, Hollywood celebrities would be jealous of you! If only that’s how it worked.   You wake up with frizzy strands. Your hair ties break every time you try to style your hair. And the worst part is, you’re prone to contracting head lice! You’re tired of your hair. Why are you the one who’s vulnerable to lice infestations and bad hair days? Believe it or not, it all depends on the type of hair you have! Here are a few hair types susceptible to lice:

Clean Hair  

Believe it or not, lice love clean hair! There’s a common misconception that lice love greasy and unclean hair, but that’s not true. In fact, clean hair makes it easy for the pesky critters to move around! Greasy hair makes it difficult for the pesky parasites to lay eggs. Grease blocks the pores of your scalp, restricting their access to your blood.

Straight, Silky Hair

A lot of people believe that lice can’t survive in frizzy hair. It’s actually the opposite! Lice can’t survive well in silky, straight hair. It makes it difficult for them to move. Frizzy hair provides these critters with the perfect temperature and environment to breed. That’s because lice thrive in humidity. The nits need warmth to hatch and frizzy hair offers all that and more!

What You Can Do About It

While you can’t do anything to change the type of hair you have, you can take the right measures to prevent an infestation! By visiting a head lice removal clinic, you can make sure the pesky critters stay at bay. We use natural treatments to ensure no critter or nit is left behind! We guarantee we can get rid of the pesky parasites in one sitting. We prioritize your health and make sure no damage occurs to your hair. Just leave it all to us! Feel free to visit our Cedarhurst Clinic or Lawrence Clinic in New York to start your treatment today. We also offer head lice screening and home inspection services. Give us a call at 1800-403-5423 to learn more or book your appointment today.