Why Home Remedies for Lice Removal don’t Work

Your mother and grandmother swear by them, yet you feel that there’s something quite iffy about these supposed lice removal home remedies. After all, how can anything like vinegar and mayonnaise remove lice? As lice removal experts, we agree with your suspicion here, and not just because we know a better way to remove lice. The truth is that these remedies, while somewhat workable, aren’t exactly safe. Neither do they offer any permanent results. Let’s dive into the details of three very popular treatments to explain what we mean.

Vinegar or Mayonnaise

Both household products are basically slathered on your hair to suffocate the lice and remove them. Now, this does work sometimes on live lice. However, neither of these remedies fully removes the lice and nits, which is the bigger issue here. You may keep using mayo to suffocate the little critters and the vinegar to kill the nymphs and eggs, but unless you take a comb to remove every single louse and nit in your hair, you’ll likely only end up with a never-ending lice problem.


Listerine uses an ingredient known as Cyclomethicone, which is the main reason why many people douse their hair with the mouthwash. The idea is to completely cover your hair with the Listerine, then put on a shower cap. Then wash your hair after an hour. This supposedly ‘kills the nymphs and adult lice’. However, the dilemma with using Listerine is that the nits have a waxy coating over them which protect them from the mouthwash. So, after a week, you’ll still end up having a head full of lice again, with the added insult to injury of having your hair smell like mouthwash.

OTC Treatments (Over-the-Counter Treatments)

These may have worked when you were younger, but not anymore. Various studies have concluded that lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals used in these treatments. Furthermore, studies also show that the chemicals already being used weren’t even safe to begin with, so you won’t be doing yourself any favor by using such products.

What the Most Effective Treatment for Lice Removal?

We suggest natural lice removal treatment. Using safe, pesticide free, non-toxic ingredients, the natural lice removal treatment not only removes lice from your hair, it also nourishes your follicles, which is an added bonus. So for effective lice treatment Orlando, come to Lice Troopers. We’ll help you get rid of those pesky lice in no time!