Don’t Let the (Head) Bugs Bite: How Lice Lead to Sleep Loss

You’re tossing and turning in the middle of the night. 3AM. You have to get up early at 6, get the kids ready, drop them off to school and then go to work. But there’s something keeping you wide awake— not the horror movie you watched last week. It’s actually a horror story worse than that! Yes, that’s right; you’ve guessed it—head lice! Your head is itchy, the itchiness going from a small, tingling sensation, to a burning feeling. You’ve got the itch to scratch your head but can’t think of a way to control it. Your partner is beside you, sleeping soundly like a baby. The last thing you want to do is wake him/her up, even if you feel like using your nails at full force, or ripping off your hair (Arggh! Make it stop!). Sleepless nights, filled with tossing and turning, irritation, and the urge to shave off your hair. But do you really want to take that route? Is shaving your head the answer? It might sound tempting right now, but here’s why it’s not:

It’s a Temporary Solution

Let’s think logically for a second. You shave your head. That’s a relief, right? To be honest, no, it’s not. The results are temporary bliss. You might feel good in the moment but once your hair start growing back, you’ll be back to square one.

You Can’t Shave Your Head Every Time

You can’t shave your head every time you contract head lice. At some point you will grow tired of it. This is why you need a proper solution. If your children contract head lice, you can’t shave their head too, right? While it can be a helpless situation at first, this is why visiting head lice treatment center is important.

Why Choose a Head Lice Treatment Salon?

Why visit a treatment center than go to the department store and pick out an anti-lice product? Well, for one, anti-lice products are full of harsh chemicals that can damage your scalp and hair. Think dry, brittle and clumpy hair. Furthermore, these products contain dangerous chemicals like lindane and malathion which have been dubbed carcinogenic by the Environment Protection Agency. In addition, home remedies also do nothing for removing head lice. Instead, they can damage your hair follicles. The last thing is you want is for your hair to face damage, while the critters roam freely. This is why opting for a professional treatment service is better. Lice salons have experts who know how to take care of everything, without compromising your health and hair. Using pesticide free treatments, Lice Troopers offers effective and efficient solutions to victims of lice in Kendall. From in-home treatments to home inspection services, they ensure that no critter is left behind. Visit their lice removal clinic Kendall or call at 800-403-5423 for more information about bookings and appointments.