Fool Me Once, Shame On You… Preventing Lice Re-Infestations

You’ve been through it once. It’ll be a cold day in hell before you go through the pain of dealing with a lice infestation again! Sure, it wasn’t as brutal as you’d imagined. But when you’re an adult with children, job and a house, knowing that you or your kids have lice can really throw a monkey wrench into your organized time table. So how do you ensure that an infestation doesn’t happen again? Here are some details that may just help!

Keep an Eye on Your Scalp

Check your scalp at least 8-12 hours after you’ve gotten the treatment. If you do notice any remaining lice, check if they’re moving slowly. If so, do not make the mistake of re-treating. The medicine is probably still working to remove the lice so you may just have to wait for the rest to die out.

Do Not Use Your Regular Products

Stay away from your usual shampoo/conditioner combo for at least a day or two after getting a lice treatment. Ask your lice doctor which products you should use in the meantime or the treatment will be washed out without removing all the lice and nits. getting a lice treatment

Do NOT Use Over-the-Counter Products

If you’ve received anti-lice treatment, do not try your luck at improving the effects of the treatment by using other products. The chemicals used in these treatments can be quite harmful and are typically useless; so there really is no reason why you should even use these products on your hair in the first place.

Wash all Your Clothes, Bedding and Items

The clothes you wore when you had the infestation may still have a lice or two crawling around. It’s best to wash them on high heat to ensure that there are no lice or nits left alive.

Clean Out Your Home

Vacuum the carpets, wipe the floors, clean the furniture—do whatever is needed. If it’s too much for you, call us and we’ll clean your home for you. Lice can only survive for a day or two if they don’t have something to feed on. Cleaning will lessen your chances of getting a lice re-infestation.

Need More Help?

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