6 Rookie Mistakes People Make When Treating Head Lice

You’ve shampooed, you’ve combed, you’ve nitpicked, you’ve cringed, you’ve cried, you’ve screamed in frustration, and yet, the stubborn parasites in your hair refuse to budge. Lice have become a common problem suffered by many. If preventive measures are not taken, most school-going kids will end up with lice in their hair at one point. One of the main reasons why it gets so hard to remove head lice is because they reproduce at the speed of light! You start with one or two lice in your hair and before you know it, you have a hundred bloodsucking bugs crawling around in your hair the next day. Oftentimes, it’s because people don’t have enough proper awareness on what the right lice removal methods are. A national survey once asked moms about lice treatment and most of them didn’t have their facts straight. Here are a few common mistakes people make when treating head lice.

1.Not Using the Treatments Right

People who use medicated head lice treatments often don’t use it correctly. They either don’t leave the treatment on long enough for it to work or they put it on for a shorter amount of time than is written on the bottle. This garners ineffective results. People may also forget to repeat the treatments after 10 days as is prescribed.

2.Using the Wrong Amount of Product

For some, lice treatments can be expensive so they tend to use as little product as possible. And for others, they want to get rid of lice as soon as they can so they think that using a lot of product will result in faster eradication. Both are wrong. It’s important to use them exactly as directed.

3.The Whole Family Isn’t Treated

Just treating the person afflicted with lice is not enough; the whole family should be checked for lice and nits right away. If they have it then they too should be given treatment. The Whole Family Isn’t Treated

4.Relying on Home Remedies

A quick Google search will turn up a host of home remedies ‘guaranteed’ to get rid of lice. Some may be harmful and some can be downright dangerous. It is better to steer clear of risky home remedies.

5.Not Cleaning Up Properly After the Treatment

Lice removal does not end at simply getting your hair treated, lice can also jump to other household fabrics. This means you must clean anything that the person with lice came in contact with, such as linens, clothes, pillows, stuffed toys etc. Vacuum the carpets and sterilize hair brushes.

6.Not Visiting a Professional

People are of the view that lice can be treated simply with home remedies or over-the-counter products but that just ends up costing them double the amount of getting a professional lice treatment done, and it takes longer! It is better to visit a reputable lice specialist for lice removal. We here a Lice Troopers are dedicated to busting lice, one nit at a time. We use pesticide free organic methods for lice removal so that once your head is clear of lice, they never return for life. Call us now at 800-403-5423 to schedule an appointment!