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Expert Lice Removal & Treatment Services in Southwest Ranches, FL – Lice Troopers Struggling with a lice infestation in Southwest Ranches, FL? Lice Troopers is here to offer you a quick and effective solution. With our expert lice treatment and removal services, you can say goodbye to the hassle of lice for good. We specialize in safe, non-toxic lice removal techniques, providing peace of mind for families, schools, and camps throughout Southwest Ranches. Our in-home services bring the expertise of Lice Troopers directly to your door, ensuring a comfortable and private experience. Plus, our comprehensive school and camp lice screenings help prevent outbreaks before they start. Don’t let lice disrupt your life—discover our range of lice products designed for easy and effective home use. Ready to get rid of lice? Call Lice Troopers today at 1-800-403-5423 for fast, professional lice treatment and enjoy a lice-free tomorrow.

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Clinic Hours of Operation - Sun-Sat: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Home Service Hours of operation 7AM - MIDNIGHT | 7/365

We understand the stress that comes with dealing with lice! That’s why our mission is to deliver meticulous and professional lice removal services at our lice treatment center or at your home.

What Sets Us Apart

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Getting Started

Our trained lice technician will arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment needed to eradicate lice and remove eggs.

Lice Shampoo and Professional Lice Comb

Our technician will apply shampoo and methodically comb lice and eggs from the hair using our professional lice comb.


Next, she will meticulously inspect each strand of hair, handpicking any remaining nits (eggs) to ensure thorough removal.

Expertise Is Our Success

Concluding with a final shampoo application and comb-through, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Expertise is critical; leaving even two nits untreated could lead to a resurgence of a lice infestation.

Home Cleaning Instructions & Prevention Tips

She’ll provide you with simple aftercare guidelines and share valuable tips for lice prevention.

30 Day Guarantee

Our treatment is completely safe and effective for all ages, and we stand behind it with a 30-day guarantee.


A Safe & Smart Solution For Removal Of Lice

A Safe & Smart Solution
For Removal Of Lice

Lice Troopers guarantee is often what draws people in, but it’s our honesty, patient care, and professionalism that truly seal the deal.

Lice Troopers guarantee is often what draws people in, but it’s our honesty, patient care, and professionalism that truly seal the deal.

Learn more about us.

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Our expert lice consultants are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have regarding in Home Lice Removal or at clinic services.


    Lice removal services – Pesticide free, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment

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    All our services are suitable for both children and adults


    Pre-tax accounts you can use to pay for lice teatment related expenses

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    Lice Tropers # 1 in USA for lice treatment and other services

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    You can come to the appointment on the day of application

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    All our services are suitable for both children and adults


    Lice removal services – Pesticide free, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment

  • Logo calendar

    You can come to the appointment on the day of application

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    Our support line is ready to help you at any time of the day or night

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    Lice Tropers # 1 in USA for lice treatment and other services

Lice Troopers in Southwest Ranches, FL - Your Trusted Lice Removal Experts

Why Choose Lice Troopers for Southwest Ranches Lice Removal and Treatment?

**Trusted Experience Since 1980:** With a legacy of excellence spanning over four decades, Lice Troopers stands at the forefront of effective lice treatment in Southwest Ranches, Florida, and beyond. Our unparalleled experience, having treated over 500,000 cases of lice, positions us as the expert in eradicating lice effectively.

**Safe, Natural Solutions:** We prioritize your health and safety by utilizing natural products free of pesticides. Our treatments are safe for everyone, including pregnant women, infants, and children of all ages, ensuring peace of mind for parents seeking the safest options for lice treatment in Southwest Ranches and surrounding areas.

**Immediate, Guaranteed Results:** Understanding the urgency of lice removal, we offer same-day treatments to tackle your lice concerns promptly. Most treatments come with a 30-day guarantee, providing assurance and satisfaction in our services. Our effective solutions are also proven against super lice, ensuring a comprehensive remedy for all lice types.

**Partnerships and Recognition:** Lice Troopers is proud to work with over 500 schools, endorsed as an approved vendor by numerous counties, highlighting our commitment to community health. Our services are recognized for their quality, allowing for insurance reimbursement and coverage by FHA & FSA, adding an extra layer of convenience for our clients.

**Beyond Treatment - Comprehensive Care:** From the moment you contact us, expect 24/7 customer support dedicated to guiding you through the process. We offer in-home services for your convenience, follow-up instructions to prevent reinfestation, and a range of lice prevention products. After completing the treatment, children receive a lice-free certificate, ensuring a smooth return to school.

**Local Expertise in Southwest Ranches, Florida:** Specializing in Southwest Ranches lice removal and treatment, our local knowledge enhances our ability to serve the community effectively. Whether you're looking to get rid of lice swiftly or seeking preventative solutions, Lice Troopers is your go-to expert in Southwest Ranches and the greater Hialeah area.

**Choose Lice Troopers Today:** Don't let lice disrupt your life. Choose Lice Troopers for fast, safe, and effective lice treatment in Southwest Ranches, Florida. Our commitment to natural, pesticide-free solutions, coupled with our extensive experience, makes us the ideal choice for your lice removal needs. Contact us today to schedule your treatment and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're in expert hands.

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Our revolutionary head lice treatment method is on the news. Effective lice procedure takes only 1 hour!

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Customer Reviews for Lice Removal Service

Life-Changing Experience with Lice Troopers - Amanda's Story from Southwest Ranches, Florida

As a mom living in Southwest Ranches, Florida, dealing with lice infestations has been one of my most challenging experiences. After countless attempts with over-the-counter treatments that promised much but delivered little, I felt utterly defeated. Watching my kids struggle with the discomfort and itchiness broke my heart. That's when I discovered Lice Troopers.

From the moment I called their number (800-403-5423), I knew I had made the right choice. Their team assured me that their treatments are safe for children and even pregnant women, which was a relief since I was expecting at the time. Their promise of having treated over 500,000 lice cases with thousands of 5-star reviews gave me hope.

Opting for the in-home service was the best decision I could have made. The convenience of not having to leave our house, coupled with the discrete and fast service, was unparalleled. The specialist from Lice Troopers was professional, compassionate, and, most importantly, effective in eliminating the super lice and nits that had become our nightmare.

Not only did they offer a 30-day guarantee, but the lice-free clearance letter they provided made the process of sending my kids back to school seamless and stress-free. Their follow-up instructions and preventative tips have been invaluable in keeping our home lice-free. I also appreciate that they accept HSA & FSA, which made the treatment accessible without financial strain.

Lice Troopers' availability, day or night, meant that help was always just a phone call away. The treatment was comfortable and painless, which was a relief for my children who had been through so much already. Following our treatment, we invested in Lice Troopers' prevention products, and I'm happy to say we've remained lice-free since.

For any parents in Southwest Ranches struggling with lice, I cannot recommend Lice Troopers enough. Their in-home service not only provided the privacy and comfort we needed but also the effectiveness and assurance that we were finally rid of lice for good. Lice Troopers has truly been a lifesaver for our family.

Miracle Workers at Lice Troopers - Jessica's Relief in Southwest Ranches, Florida

Before our encounter with Lice Troopers, my family's lice ordeal felt never-ending. Living in Southwest Ranches, Florida, my two children suffered through multiple lice outbreaks, each time hoping that over-the-counter treatments would be the solution. Yet, each attempt ended in frustration and tears, with the pesky pests returning stronger than ever. It was a cycle of despair until a fellow mom recommended Lice Troopers. Reaching out to Lice Troopers was a turning point for us. Their friendly staff, available at 800-403-5423, immediately set me at ease, explaining their safe and effective treatment methods. Learning about their impressive track record of treating over 500,000 lice cases and the plethora of 5-star reviews they've garnered, I felt a glimmer of hope. We decided to take advantage of their in-home service, valuing the privacy and comfort it offered. The Lice Troopers specialist arrived at our home, equipped with everything needed to battle the infestation. They were not only knowledgeable but incredibly patient, especially considering how anxious my children were about the treatment. However, their fears were quickly alleviated as the treatment was comfortable, painless, and, to my astonishment, utterly effective. The 30-day guarantee offered by Lice Troopers provided an extra layer of reassurance, but what truly impressed me was the lice-free clearance letter they issued. This document facilitated a smooth return to school for my kids, eliminating any potential stigma or bureaucratic hurdles. Post-treatment, Lice Troopers didn’t just leave us to fend for ourselves. They provided comprehensive follow-up instructions, preventative tips, and recommended their lice prevention products to ensure our home remained lice-free. It's comforting to know that their services are HSA & FSA accepted, making this essential treatment accessible. Lice Troopers’ availability, willingness to come to our home day or night, and their effective eradication of super lice and nits have been nothing short of miraculous for our family. Their dedication to safety, comfort, and effectiveness has not only freed us from the clutches of lice but also restored peace to our household. For any parent feeling overwhelmed by lice in Southwest Ranches, I wholeheartedly endorse Lice Troopers. Their exceptional service, from the initial phone call to the post-treatment support, has been a beacon of hope. They’re not just lice treatment specialists; they’re miracle workers in the truest sense..

Back to School with Confidence - Karen's Story in Southwest Ranches, Florida

Navigating through the trials of parenthood, I thought I had faced it all until lice made an unwelcome appearance in our home. Living in Southwest Ranches, Florida, my primary concern was for my children's well-being and education. The distressing cycle of ineffective over-the-counter treatments left us all feeling defeated, with my kids missing valuable school days. That's when Lice Troopers became our beacon of hope. Upon contacting Lice Troopers at 800-403-5423, I was greeted with understanding and compassion. They assured me that their treatments are not only safe for children and pregnant women but also potent against the dreaded super lice and nits. Their track record of having treated over 500,000 lice cases gave me confidence that we were in capable hands. Opting for the in-home service offered by Lice Troopers was a game-changer. The convenience of having a professional come to our home, equipped to deal with our lice dilemma discreetly and efficiently, was invaluable. The specialist was a true professional, providing a comfortable and painless experience for my children, who were already anxious about the ordeal. What stood out to me was the 30-day guarantee and the lice-free clearance letter provided post-treatment. These were crucial in ensuring a smooth and confident return to school for my kids. Lice Troopers went above and beyond, not just treating the issue but also equipping us with preventative tips and follow-up instructions to keep our home lice-free. Moreover, the fact that their services are HSA & FSA accepted made the decision to choose them even easier. Lice Troopers’ commitment to safety, coupled with their effective elimination of lice and nits, has been a tremendous relief. Their service allowed my children to return to school with their heads held high, free from the stigma and discomfort of lice. The peace of mind that came with knowing our lice issue was resolved professionally and effectively was priceless. For families in Southwest Ranches grappling with lice, Lice Troopers is a godsend. Their in-home service not only preserves your privacy but ensures that your children can return to their normal lives as quickly as possible. Thanks to Lice Troopers, my family was able to turn a page on our lice story, armed with knowledge and confidence to stay lice-free. They are not just a service; they are a partner in parenting, ensuring your children's health and happiness.

A Seamless Transition Back to Normalcy - Elizabeth's Gratitude from Southwest Ranches, Florida

When my family encountered lice for the first time, I was bewildered by the persistence and resilience of these tiny pests. The over-the-counter treatments we initially tried were not only ineffective but also harsh, leaving my kids' scalps irritated and their spirits low. Desperate for a solution, I turned to Lice Troopers, a decision that would finally bring our ordeal to a peaceful end. From the outset, Lice Troopers impressed me with their professionalism and empathy. Their assurance that the treatments are safe for children and pregnant women was a significant relief, given the harsh chemicals we had previously encountered. The statistic of having successfully treated over 500,000 lice cases instilled confidence in their expertise. Choosing the in-home service was a revelation. The convenience of receiving treatment in the privacy and comfort of our own home in Southwest Ranches, Florida, cannot be overstated. The Lice Troopers specialist who visited us was not only skilled but also incredibly supportive and understanding of our situation. The treatment was gentle, effective, and, to my amazement, painless for my children. The 30-day guarantee provided by Lice Troopers, alongside the lice-free clearance letter, was crucial for us. It enabled a smooth and hassle-free transition back to school for my children, devoid of any stigma or hurdles. The level of care and follow-up support we received, including preventative tips and advice on staying lice-free, was exemplary. Knowing that their services are accepted through HSA & FSA further underscored their commitment to accessible and stress-free care. Lice Troopers' round-the-clock availability meant that help was always a phone call away, regardless of the time of day or night. This accessibility, combined with their effective treatment of super lice and nits, has made them an indispensable resource for our family. To any parent struggling with lice in Southwest Ranches, I cannot recommend Lice Troopers highly enough. Their in-home service not only affords you the utmost privacy and convenience but also guarantees a swift and effective resolution to your lice problem. Thanks to Lice Troopers, my family experienced a seamless transition back to normalcy, armed with knowledge and tools to prevent future infestations. Their dedication to comfort, safety, and thoroughness has made them a trusted ally in our family's health and well-being.

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