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Lice Troopers in Sunny Isles Beach, FL - Your Trusted Lice Removal Experts

Welcome to Lice Troopers, your trusted partner for professional lice removal and treatment services in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Are you wondering how to get rid of lice effectively? Look no further! Our team of experts specializes in safe and efficient lice treatment solutions that guarantee relief for you and your family. From comprehensive in-home services to our top-of-the-line lice products, we offer a full spectrum of options to combat lice at any stage. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with lice and hello to peace of mind with Lice Troopers. Don’t let lice disrupt your life any longer. Call us today at 1-800-403-5423 for a lice-free tomorrow. Your health and comfort are our top priority.

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Clinic Hours of Operation - Sun-Sat: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Home Service Hours of operation 7AM - MIDNIGHT | 7/365

We understand the stress that comes with dealing with lice! That’s why our mission is to deliver meticulous and professional lice removal services at our lice treatment center or at your home.

What Sets Us Apart

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Getting Started

Our trained lice technician will arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment needed to eradicate lice and remove eggs.

Lice Shampoo and Professional Lice Comb

Our technician will apply shampoo and methodically comb lice and eggs from the hair using our professional lice comb.


Next, she will meticulously inspect each strand of hair, handpicking any remaining nits (eggs) to ensure thorough removal.

Expertise Is Our Success

Concluding with a final shampoo application and comb-through, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Expertise is critical; leaving even two nits untreated could lead to a resurgence of a lice infestation.

Home Cleaning Instructions & Prevention Tips

She’ll provide you with simple aftercare guidelines and share valuable tips for lice prevention.

30 Day Guarantee

Our treatment is completely safe and effective for all ages, and we stand behind it with a 30-day guarantee.


A Safe & Smart Solution For Removal Of Lice

A Safe & Smart Solution
For Removal Of Lice

Lice Troopers guarantee is often what draws people in, but it’s our honesty, patient care, and professionalism that truly seal the deal.

Lice Troopers guarantee is often what draws people in, but it’s our honesty, patient care, and professionalism that truly seal the deal.

Learn more about us.

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Our expert lice consultants are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have regarding in Home Lice Removal or at clinic services.


    Lice removal services – Pesticide free, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment

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    All our services are suitable for both children and adults


    Pre-tax accounts you can use to pay for lice teatment related expenses

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    Lice Tropers # 1 in USA for lice treatment and other services

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    You can come to the appointment on the day of application

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    All our services are suitable for both children and adults


    Lice removal services – Pesticide free, non-toxic, chemical-free treatment

  • Logo calendar

    You can come to the appointment on the day of application

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    Our support line is ready to help you at any time of the day or night

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    Lice Tropers # 1 in USA for lice treatment and other services

Lice Troopers in Sunny Isles Beach, FL - Your Trusted Lice Removal Experts

Why Choose Lice Troopers for Your Lice Removal Needs in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida?

When it comes to combating lice, the residents of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas like Hialeah have a trusted ally in Lice Troopers. Our commitment to your health, comfort, and convenience stands unparalleled, making us the premier choice for lice removal and treatment services. Here's why:

- **Trusted Experience Since 1980:** With over four decades of dedicated service, Lice Troopers has become a household name in effective lice treatment, treating over 500,000 cases with expertise and care.

- **Natural, Safe Solutions:** We prioritize your health by using 100% natural products free of harmful pesticides. Our treatments are safe for everyone, including pregnant women, infants, and children of all ages, ensuring peace of mind for parents looking to "get rid of lice" safely.

- **Immediate, Effective Relief:** Understanding the urgency of lice outbreaks, we offer same-day treatments that are effective against even the most resilient super lice. After treatment, we provide a lice-free certificate, allowing children to return to school with confidence.

- **Exclusive Partnership with Schools:** Our reputable service extends to over 500 schools, with Lice Troopers being an approved vendor by many counties. This extensive network underscores our credibility and trustworthiness in professional lice treatment.

- **Comprehensive Support:** From in-home services to 24/7 customer support, insurance reimbursement forms, and follow-up instructions, we cover all bases. Our products and services are eligible for FHA & FSA coverage, and we offer a 30-day guarantee for most cases, emphasizing our commitment to your satisfaction.

- **Specialized for the Community:** Tailoring our expertise to serve the Sunny Isles Beach and Hialeah communities, we focus on "Hialeah lice removal" and "Hialeah lice treatment" as our core strengths. Lice Troopers is dedicated to not just treating lice but also providing preventive products and education to keep your family lice-free.

Choose Lice Troopers for an effective, safe, and family-friendly solution to lice problems. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive care and support. Let us help you and your loved ones return to your daily routines, free from the worries of lice.

As Seen On The News

Our revolutionary head lice treatment method is on the news. Effective lice procedure takes only 1 hour!

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Customer Reviews for Lice Removal Service

The Relief We Needed - Jessica’s Experience with Lice Troopers - Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

As a mother of three active children in Sunny Isles Beach, finding out that lice had made their way into our home was my worst nightmare. After several failed attempts with over-the-counter treatments, the frustration and helplessness I felt were overwhelming. That’s when I turned to Lice Troopers, desperate for a solution that was safe for my pregnant sister living with us and effective enough to tackle what I feared were super lice.

Calling Lice Troopers was the best decision I could have made. Their team was available to assist us immediately, offering to come to our home directly, which was a blessing given our hectic family schedule. The discretion and speed of their in-home service were outstanding, providing comfort and ease to my children during a time that could easily have been stressful and frightening for them.

The treatment was not only safe and painless for my kids but also incredibly effective. Lice Troopers lived up to their promise, eliminating every trace of lice and nits that had stubbornly resisted previous treatments. Their follow-up instructions and preventive tips were invaluable, ensuring that our home remained lice-free. They even provided us with lice prevention products, which have become a staple in our daily routine.

Perhaps the most significant relief came when Lice Troopers issued a lice-free clearance letter, allowing my children to return to school without delay or embarrassment. This gesture alone lifted a huge weight off our shoulders, knowing our ordeal was officially over.

Reflecting on this experience, I am immensely grateful to Lice Troopers for their effective, child-friendly treatment and the peace of mind their 30-day guarantee offered us. Their professional, compassionate service made a challenging situation manageable, and for that, I cannot recommend them highly enough to other families in the Sunny Isles Beach area. The fact that they have successfully treated over 500,000 lice cases is a testament to their expertise, and their thousands of 5-star reviews are well deserved. Thank you, Lice Troopers, for your discrete, fast service and for restoring normalcy to our lives.

Overcoming the Lice Nightmare with Lice Troopers - A Tale of Hope from Samantha's Family - Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Living in the sunny enclave of Sunny Isles Beach, our family's life is typically filled with beach days, school activities, and lots of outdoor fun. So, when my two daughters came home scratching their heads one afternoon, the last thing I imagined was that we were about to face a lice infestation. Initially, I opted for the over-the-counter treatments, trusting in their convenience and promises. Yet, after multiple unsuccessful attempts, the situation grew increasingly desperate, affecting not just my children’s comfort but their ability to attend school and socialize. Feeling defeated and isolated, I discovered Lice Troopers through a friend who had faced a similar ordeal. What caught my attention was their promise of safe, child-friendly treatments and their staggering success rate with over 500,000 lice cases treated. Skeptical yet hopeful, I dialed 800-403-5423, a call that would dramatically change our circumstances. The empathy and understanding from the Lice Troopers team were immediate. They offered their in-home service, emphasizing discretion and convenience. For a family already at its wits' end, this was a godsend. The Lice Troopers specialist arrived at our home in Sunny Isles Beach equipped not only with the tools to eradicate lice and nits but also with a comforting presence that eased my daughters’ fears. Their treatment was gentle yet effective, a far cry from the harsh chemicals we had attempted previously. What's more, Lice Troopers' method proved to be the nemesis of super lice, a term I had become all too familiar with during our ordeal. The specialist also provided us with a comprehensive follow-up plan, including preventative tips and products to keep our home lice-free. The assurance of a 30-day guarantee further solidified my confidence in their service. But perhaps the most poignant moment in our journey was when Lice Troopers provided a lice-free clearance letter for my daughters. This simple piece of paper represented so much more than permission to return to school; it signified a return to normalcy, to laughter, and to the joy of childhood unmarred by the shadow of lice. Reflecting on our experience, I am immeasurably thankful for Lice Troopers. Their availability day or night, their commitment to safety, and their unparalleled effectiveness in eliminating lice and nits have earned them a permanent place in my heart. To any parent navigating the turbulent waters of a lice infestation, let Lice Troopers be your beacon of hope. Their service is more than just a treatment; it's a gateway to reclaiming your family's peace and happiness.

Lice Troopers: Our Nighttime Heroes - Melissa - Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

It was a typical Tuesday evening in Sunny Isles Beach when my son complained of an itchy scalp, a complaint that soon turned our world upside down. Upon closer inspection, my fears were confirmed: lice. With my husband away and me juggling work and parenting, the thought of dealing with this alone was daunting. I remembered hearing about Lice Troopers from a neighborhood mom and, in a moment of desperation, gave them a call, not expecting anyone to answer late in the evening. To my surprise and relief, they did. What followed was nothing short of miraculous. Lice Troopers offered to send a specialist to our home immediately, underscoring their commitment to fast, discreet service. Their in-home service was a blessing, allowing my children to feel comfortable in their own space while being treated. The specialist was not only proficient in eliminating the lice but also incredibly supportive, providing a calm presence in our time of panic. The treatment was thorough, with Lice Troopers using safe, all-natural products that were effective against even the most resilient super lice and nits. They took the time to educate me on prevention strategies and sent us follow-up instructions to ensure the lice did not return, all backed by their 30-day guarantee. Thanks to Lice Troopers, my son was able to return to school promptly with their lice-free clearance letter, and our family life returned to normal. Their service was not just about lice removal; it was about restoring peace and ensuring the wellbeing of my children. For that, I will always be grateful to Lice Troopers, our nighttime heroes.

A Beacon of Hope: Angela's Story with Lice Troopers - Sunny isles Beach, FL

My journey with lice began when my daughter was sent home from school with the dreaded note. As a single mom, the prospect of tackling this challenge was overwhelming. After several failed attempts with over-the-counter remedies, I felt defeated. That's when I discovered Lice Troopers. Their promise of a safe, effective solution for children and pregnant women caught my attention, and I immediately reached out. Opting for their in-home service in Sunny Isles Beach, I was impressed by the swift and discreet response. The specialist who arrived was not only skilled but also compassionate, making the process as unobtrusive as possible for my daughter and me. Their expertise was evident, successfully treating over 500,000 lice cases, and their confidence in their method was reassuring. Lice Troopers' treatment was a game-changer. The natural, painless process eliminated the lice and nits, granting us relief and a fresh start. They even accepted my HSA for payment, which eased the financial burden. The follow-up care instructions and preventative tips provided by Lice Troopers have been invaluable in keeping our home lice-free. But it was the 30-day guarantee and the lice-free clearance letter that truly set Lice Troopers apart, offering us peace of mind and a smooth transition back to school and daily life. For any parent facing the turmoil of lice, Lice Troopers is a beacon of hope. Their professionalism, effectiveness, and care have made all the difference in our lives.

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