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Lice Removal & Lice Treatment Services near New York

Now you have the head lice removal in New York that’s right for your family or your school. Treatment that you can trust has never been easier. Sure, you could run back and forth to the drug store for one pesticide treatment after another, or you could spend a few more hours on messy home remedies, but who has the time and energy for all that? Wouldn’t it be easier to just pick up the phone, call Lice Troopers, and have the peace of mind that the infestation is in the hands of skilled professionals? That’s what we’re here for! And that’s not all. Our company is committed to a treatment method that is completely all-natural and safe. We know that the best approach is manual removal (nitpicking), and our technicians are trained to do it effectively and efficiently. Not one chemical or toxin is needed as we take care of the head louse problem once and for all. Eco-friendly, child-friendly and physician recommended, this is a treatment you can feel good about. Why would you try anything else? Getting rid of the problem pests once and for all is as simple as giving us a call. Our trained professionals are ready to answer your questions about this pesky parasite, and to help you understand how our service works. Then you schedule an appointment at our clinic salon, or in the comfort of your own home. We treat your case promptly so that you can get back to regular life, lice free. We’re also happy to offer services for your home as well. No more anxiety about what might be lurking on the couch cushions. Our crew performs a full inspection and cleaning to make sure that not one bug or nit is left behind. That means no more repeat infestations. In just a couple hours, your home is clean and clear, and you can relax. For all-natural treatment and removal in New York, Lice Troopers has you covered. And it’s 100% guaranteed effective after a single treatment. For more information or to set up a screening and/or treatment, give us a call today!

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