Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Are you ready for the greatest holiday of the year? Nope, not Christmas, not Hanukah, not Thanksgiving, not Eid—we’re talking about Ol’ Hallow’s Eve! No matter how old you area, whether you’re 13 or 33, there’s never a specific age to enjoy Halloween. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be babysitting, or answering the door all night for trick-or-treaters, or if you’re throwing or attending the hottest Halloween party in all of New York—the right costume will make your experience truly memorable!

Dressing up as an adult—is it a good idea?

Dressing Up As An AdultWhy not? Why can’t grownups have fun and let loose for one night? Halloween is just another excuse to celebrate with your friends and families, whether you’re into big parties or small, intimate gatherings. In fact, you could even dress up and roam around the streets of your city or neighborhood enjoying the décor and the fall weather. You’re meant to enjoy this holiday as much as the next person, there’s really no age limit to it. Sure your idea of fun may change significantly between 15 and 35, but you can always find a killer costume for yourself!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

You could go all out and buy yourself the most detailed, extravagant Halloween costume, or maybe a mask and wig, dress up like your favorite T.V. or film character or pay homage to a celebrity or public figure—of course, respectfully. If you’re unsure on what kind of costumes as socially acceptable, you’d find this guide helpful. It’s important to remember that cultures are not costumes and we need to be more responsible with our choices; but it’s still easy to have fun while doing so!

Dress up as a sexy witch or monster

If you’re off to a party, you can go all out and be the scariest, sexiest witch on the block. Put on your favorite black dress, some dark lipstick—maybe a green or blue?—and of course, a hat!

Or be a superhero

Get wild and save the world—or yourself—on Halloween night. Dress up as the popular and easy to manage Superman/Clark Kent with some specs and a suit and your superman tee underneath. Or get a fancier costume for Iron Man or Spiderman.

Become adult Eleven

Eleven, or El, made a comeback this year on the popular T.V. show Stranger Things. People love the powerful but sweet character, set in the 1980s and the best part is, you can be El for Halloween too! Pre or post makeover El are both easy to pull off, you’ll only need a scrunchie, some shorts and a plaid shirt. Or imagine what El would look like as an adult in the 80s and 90s—would she don a leotard and do Pilates? Who knows!

Genie from Aladdin

Pay a tribute to your childhood with this one! Be Will Smith’s genie with the help of some baggy pants, jewelry and blue paint. You don’t need to be too crazy, just go with what’s comfortable for you. There are endless possibilities for adults to play around on Halloween. Hit the stores early to avoid getting lice from your rentals—but if you’re worried about an infestation, drop by our lice centers across New York and meet with our lice specialists. Contact us here for more details.