Cool Costume Ideas for Your Kids This Halloween

Halloween is creeping up right around the corner, with October here already! It’s always an exciting time, with lovely fall weather, the leaves turning color and an air of mystery and spooks all around. For everyone in New York, it’s an all too exciting time, seeing Jack-o-Lanterns pop up around the city, tons of Halloween décor and kids running around trick-or-treating. There’s so much to look forward to and most people can barely contain their excitement for this super fun holiday.

Halloween Costumes—The Highlight

All the amazing costumes and dressing up is perhaps the most exciting part about Halloween—apart from unlimited candy, of course.  Everyone’s off rushing to stores trying to buy and rent out costumes, finding the perfect mask and wanting to be their favorite character for just one day. Kids are obviously thrilled at the prospect of getting to dress up in crazy costumes, wear funny wigs, scary masks and imitate their heroes and other characters. Did you know that Halloween costumes aren’t just scary for the way they look though? Experts warn that a lot of costumes can actually be breeding grounds for lice—especially those with hair and wigs included. Although lice can’t survive off a human host for more than 24-48 hours, the risk that exists is that other people who already have lice can transfer them. If someone with lice has tried on that mask or wig your kid is so eager to prance around in, they’re likely to catch lice and provide the critters with a host. The best way to avoid this however, is to put the costume away for a couple of days before trying it at home and cleaning it up properly; or to go as early as possible to pick it out.

Costume Ideas for Kids

Still haven’t had a chance to get the right costume? Here are some ideas, so you can head to the store ASAP and avoid lice.

Wicked Witch

This classic never stops being relevant, with hundreds of little witches being spotted across NYC each year. Don a black dress and DIY a witch hat, or buy one—it’s something you can use year after year. Of course, don’t forget the broom!


Another classic, this costume can be made at home too! You can make a paper or felt eye-patch, use an old sword and use mom’s scarves for a makeshift belt. Draw on a mustache or attach a beard for added effect.


Live the life of your favorite hero with this idea. It’s best to rent out or buy a costume for this purpose, especially if the kids want to be more specific. However, a good ol’ mask and cape will also do!

Devil or Demon

Gender neutral and truly terrifying, anyone can enjoy being a monster, demon, ghost or the devil. Some devil horns, a tail and a small fork are easy to put together and can be bought almost anywhere. Halloween is meant to be fun, so let kids go all out and have fun. If they want to buy a costume, see if you can fit it into your budget and go for it. If you’re worried about lice, you can always swing by our lice removal clinic in New York for professional lice removal services.