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4 Tips to Prevent a Lice Infestation

A lice infestation at a summer camp is an organizer’s worst nightmare. Head lice affect both adults and children, and the last thing you want is a group of campers spending their time scratching their scalps or being locked up in their rooms. Here are a few ways you... read more

Why The Boogieman Is the Least Of Your Child’s Problems

We’re always so busy trying to protect our bundles of joy from dirt and germs that we forget about protecting them from the real villains—head lice. Every parent knows that the problems when it comes to dealing with head lice go beyond receiving a note from the nurse... read more

The Symptoms of Body Lice

A lot of people tend to confuse body lice with head lice, thinking that the lice made their way from the head down to the body. But that’s not true. Lice are actually region-specific, which means that head lice stick to the head! There are generally three different... read more

Listerine vs. Lice: Why it Doesn’t Work

Do you remember those Saturday morning breakfast cereal commercials for Cap’n Crunch, Apple Jacks, and Froot Loops? The tagline was something along the lines of “part of a complete breakfast.” The ad showed sugar-laden cereals strategically placed next to apples,... read more

The Most Common Lice FAQs Answered!

First, little Tommy is sharing his favorite baseball cap with his best friend Sam and the next thing you know, everyone in the family is scratching their heads like crazy and shampooing their hair with chemical-laden shampoos! Lice can be a scary nightmare to deal... read more

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