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Stranger Danger: Protecting Your Kids from Lice This Fall

As parents, we have a natural instinct and urge to protect our kids from all kinds of danger. Whether it’s keeping an eye on them when they’re playing outside, or warning them not to talk to strangers—we go above and beyond to protect our kids. And with fall here,... read more

Is Getting a Haircut the Solution to All Your Head Lice Woes?

The first thing that comes to mind when we find out we’ve contracted head lice is to get a haircut or shave off our hair. Of course, the latter seems like an extreme measure to take. And who wants to give up their luscious mane they’ve spent years growing? So, off we... read more

Lice 101: What Every Parent Should Know

The thought of your child contracting lice can be terrifying. After all, schools have a strict no-nit policy and the social stigma of lice can be damaging for a young child. Most parents dread the day they find small, wingless parasites making their child’s scalp... read more

Understanding The Stigma: The Taboo Of Head Lice

Lice: a four-letter-word that can singlehandedly send shivers down your spine and make you shuffle uncomfortably. Most of us spend the majority of our lives living in fear of contracting lice. The fear doesn’t stem from what lice can do to harm you—they don’t do much... read more

Itchy Scalps And Chipped Nails: The Long-Term Health Implications of Not Getting Immediate Lice Treatment

Head lice are parasites that live on the scalp of human beings and use their blood as a daily dose of nourishment. The warmth of a scalp helps them thrive, allowing them to lay nits and cause you a lot of discomfort. Sometimes, the excessive itching can even lead to... read more

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