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Creeping Up Your Spine: The Ultimate Guide to Lice Mobility

Remember that time when your mother wouldn’t let you be in the same room as your brother so you wouldn’t get his head lice? Well, that was probably because like a lot of people, she believed that lice could fly and hop from one head to another. While these vile... read more

Head Lice: A Parent’s Guide to Survival

Even though, children are the affected by lice the most, (approximately 6-12 million children in the Unites States alone), it’s usually the parents who end up panicking more. Finding a louse on your child’s head or watching them scratch their head frequently are... read more

How to Have a Conversation about Lice?

Lice infestations are perhaps one of the oldest epidemics, not just in America, but the whole world. The likelihood of your child getting lice can increase during back to school season. Children return from summer camps and other group activities where they might have... read more

Head Lice and Kinky Hair—What You Should Know

When it comes to kinky hair, there are a lot of misconceptions about their susceptibility to a lice infestation. Could it be that because they’re more tightly wound, it might be easier for the lice to infest them? Or is it because of the tight, corkscrew curls that... read more

Is it Bed Bugs or Lice? Telling the Difference

Parasitic in nature and small enough so it’s annoying to look for, both bed bugs and lice are two types of insects that are often mistaken for one another. Both feed on blood and look pretty alike. So what is it exactly that differentiates them? As a professional lice... read more

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