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Interesting Head Lice Facts And Statistics

One of the most common parasitic infestations, the human head louse (pediculus humanus capitis) is a concern for school going children worldwide. Head lice don’t tend to differentiate between color, race, gender, nationality or even hygiene, and therefore are a... read more

Quiz Time! Types Of People With Head Lice: Which One Are You?

Do you know how in horror movies there’s always that one person who walks around the house asking, “Hello, is anyone in there?” They know that the serial killer or demon is lurking around in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity. And they still don’t listen to us... read more

Finding a Lice Clinic in Miami: Look For These Facilities

Pick one from these options: Dark chocolate or white chocolate Cupcakes or muffins Fountain pens or mechanical pencils Fries or chips It was probably really easy for you to choose. In fact, you most likely knew the answers when you looked at the list. Some choices are... read more

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