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Lice Breakout Prevention Tips

The sooner head lice are detected, the better. Quick action and preventive measures can minimize their spread and chance of returning. Checkout useful lice breakout prevention... read more

Head Lice Infestation- Causes, Risks and Symptoms

What are head lice? Head lice are small, wingless, blood-sucking insects. They live in the hair on the head and feed off the blood from the scalp, A louse is about the size of a seed. A nit is about the size of a small flake of dandruff. Read what are the causes,... read more

Explaining To Kids That Catching Lice Isn’t Their Fault

When young children tease their classmates for having contracted lice, they do it because they’ve heard their parents claim that infestations are a shameful thing. In reality, nearly 6 to 12 million individuals worldwide have head lice. To dispel this misconception,... read more

How To Talk To Kids About Lice And Tell Them It’s Not Their Fault

There are certain things that are difficult to talk about. There are certain thoughts we can’t verbalize. It’s not because we’re avoiding confrontation. But it’s because we don’t have the right words to say what’s on our mind. This is especially true when you need to... read more

Eggs But No Live Lice?

The saying, “snug as a bug” is true when it comes to head lice. These bloodsucking parasites are all about nesting in your hair. Once they settle in, they refuse to go. But what about when there are no pesky critters in the strands of your hair? What if the only thing... read more

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