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Head Lice: Headache for Summers

The sun’s out, your little hon’s out! As summer approaches, your child and their friends are probably gearing up for some remarkable times under the sun! On the other hand, you’re probably bracing for times of doom: head lice outbreaks! So here are some useful tips... read more

Common Parental Mistakes that Fuel Lice Breakouts!

As parents, you want what’s best for your little one. But you’re also human, and are bound to make mistakes. Sometimes, these little mistakes can even fuel big lice breakouts! To prevent your child from contracting lice, here’s a list of common mistakes to avoid, so... read more

Debunking the Social Stigma Associated with Head Lice

Even though around 12 million children are victims of lice infestations in the US every year, evidence that it is a common occurrence, the social stigma around head lice still prevails. This is due to a lack of awareness regarding the parasite and the reasons for its... read more

Knitting a Foolproof Plan to get rid of Nits!

If you’re parenting a kid who’s between the ages of 3 and 16, you’re probably already a victim of them complaining nonstop, and saying “MY HEAD ITCHES!” This isn’t uncommon; in fact, almost 12 million children in the US of that age group get infested with lice every... read more

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