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Ways to Stay Safe from a Lice Infestation in Peak Season

Folks who have to regularly deal with lice problems know exactly when there’s the highest chance of an infestation. Lice infestations are common during four seasons of the year: back-to-school post summer break, after fall vacations, winter holidays and spring break.... read more

Why Your Happiness May Be Shedding Leaves This Fall

Who doesn’t love the splash of rusty fall colors around autumn? It’s nature’s way of preparing for and signaling the coming of winter. And while the fall break is the perfect time to sit back and relax with the people you love, it might become a disaster if you... read more

Things You May Not Know About Lice

Lice are your worst nightmare. Before you get on a fight with them you need to know a few things about them. read more

Lice Infestation – A Few Things To Note

It is a misconception that lice prefer certain hair types of infestation. They can climb any hair to get access to your scalp and feast on your blood. To clear more misconceptions like these view the below... read more

Being Nit-Picky About Your Costume: How To Make Sure Your Halloween Costume Isn’t Infested With Lice

Halloween is a time of horrors and what can be scarier than a blood-sucking parasite living on your scalp? These tiny creatures—about the size of a sesame seed—are capable of causing hysteria, panic, and pure fear. The terror of a lice infestation is no less than the... read more

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