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The Dangers of Not Treating a Lice Outbreak

The “No Nits, No Lice” policy which was once applied in all schools is now being revoked in many states. The reason for revoking the policy is simple – lice don’t present any immediate harm to children so it’s unfair to keep students out of school just because they... read more

Home Head Lice Removal Remedies You Should Not Try

While a head lice infestation isn’t desirable, it can happen to anyone regardless of their level of personal hygiene. Fortunately, head lice don’t carry diseases but it’s crucial to spring into action at the first sign of such a parasite attack. The only way to... read more

Head Lice Infestation in Children

Children are generally unaware of how often a head lice infestation affects them. Children under the age of 5 and 13 years are highly vulnerable  to getting infested with head... read more

Head lice and How much They Cost You

There's nothing great about the head lice infestion. Lice breakout is dangerous. Read how much head lice can cost you. read more

Getting the Right Game Plan – How to Stay Ahead of a Lice Outbreak

You got a lucky break by getting wind of a lice outbreak before it reached your child’s class! Right now, you’ve still got time. You can still take measures to ensure that your child’s hair stays protected and lice-free. Only problem is; you don’t know exactly what... read more

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