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Denial to Depression: The Stages of Head Lice

The new school session is in fullswing, your kid’s doing great, the PTA calendar is full, assignments and homework are being done, and everything’s set as per the routine. Then suddenly, one day, you get the phone call. Your kid has lice. Your stomach lurches, your... read more

The Case of a Lice Outbreak: College Edition

We all think of lice as something that only school-going kids get and not college-going adults. While it’s true that lice outbreaks are more prevalent among young children, it doesn’t mean that adults are totally immune to lice. As it were, lice don’t discriminate... read more

Can Head Lice Live In Your Lashes and Eyebrows?

Head lice are social and personal menaces. They interfere with your work life, cause stress, and are often the cause of traumatizing experiences when someone gets bullied because of them. The CDC reports that around 10 million children and students between the ages of... read more

Ways to Shield Your Home from an Impending Lice Attack

Spot a pesky louse in your home? Don’t worry. You can give us a call and set up a complete home inspection and lice removal service with us. The problem is that most people don’t realize where the lice in their home are coming from and start panicking. It’s true that... read more

How to Prevent Lice from Coming Back Frequently (if ever)

According to the CDC, school-going children are the most susceptible to head lice infection in America. These pesky bloodsucking parasites spread by direct contact with the hair of a person with an existing head lice situation. Personal hygiene and cleanliness have... read more

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