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Types of Hair Most Likely to Get Head Lice

The moment you get lice, or someone around you does, is a moment followed by panic. Following panic is a lot of contemplation. Did you get lice because you didn’t take a shower? Or was it because you have that hard-to-tame hair? Your concern is really you... read more

5 Great Tips for Coping With Lice-Related Stress

You child’s school just contacted you to let you know that your child has lice. Or perhaps you yourself detected the pesky critters crawling about your kid’s hair while you were brushing it. Either way, what followed was panic, worry and may be even guilt. And... read more

Can Dirty Hair Cause Head Lice? Let’s Find Out…

If you have ever been a victim of a head lice infestation, you’re probably familiar with that hyper self-awareness mode you always kept switched on in public, afraid of being judged for something that was never your fault. That fear and nervousness is natural;... read more

Here’s How To Tell The Difference Between Lice And Nits

There are only a few things out there, more frustrating than lice. One of which is nits. Problem is, despite decades of dealing with lice and nits, there are many of us who remain unaware of the difference between the two. When your child comes home with lice, you’re... read more

Secret Confessions Of A Nitpicking Parent

Before I confess to the depraved removal of head lice, let’s start with a disclaimer. The entire act was provoked. I have paid penance in the worst karmic way. Managing work and kids can be tough sometimes. My boss was demanding for a report submission. I sat on my... read more

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