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Sneak Attack: Do Head Lice Always Induce Itching?

The consistent raking of fingernails through the hair to satiate that annoying itch is always troubling, even more so when you realize that it may be lice! On the other hand, if you do not have any itches, you’re safe…or so it may appear. Head lice are incredibly... read more

War Of The Lice – How Can Your Ex Help?

Work keeps piling up when you are a mom with 2 kids and have no help around the house. Add lice and weekend visits to the ex-husband in the mix. What starts next is a wine drinking spree and a few tears before setting to the difficult part of lice removal. Living with... read more

Growing Concerns: 3 Ways You Can Get Head Lice As An Adult

You are well aware of how easily children get lice. Head lice, as it seems, consider schools, camps and essentially any child-friendly place as fair game for their conquests. It is less troubling to imagine that head lice have no chance of getting to adults, given... read more

Back to School Head Lice Prevention Checklist

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to head lice. Yet many parents and schoolteachers begin worrying and stressing about lice after an outbreak. They end up trying a hundred different treatment methods (sometimes repeatedly).   However, 6-12... read more

American Academy of Pediatricians Have This to Say About Head Lice

You won’t come across a parent who hasn’t faced a horrible head lice situation and lived to tell the tale. As difficult as the ordeal may be – a number of options are available for parents when it comes to head lice removal and prevention! Additionally, we have access... read more

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