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Why Home Remedies for Lice Removal don’t Work

Your mother and grandmother swear by them, yet you feel that there’s something quite iffy about these supposed lice removal home remedies. After all, how can anything like vinegar and mayonnaise remove lice? As lice removal experts, we agree with your suspicion here,... read more

Dealing with Head Lice Over the Summer

Although lice are not seasonal, most parents see a spike in lice infestations during the long summer. That’s because many children go off to camp and interact with children outside their usual friends’ circle. They also engage in activities that require them huddled... read more

Hair Care Myths we need to stop believing

Our hair is a big part of our identity which is why we spend so much time looking after it. We’ll do anything anybody says to keep it looking healthy and shiny regardless of how absurd their suggestion is. Here are some hair care myths that we need to stop believing:... read more

Common Questions for After-Lice Treatment Care

Being infested with lice can leave you and your family scratching your heads, both metaphorically and literally. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only one! Estimates show that up to 12 million infestations occur annually in the US alone. Many people have... read more

What’s Buggin’ You? Situations We’ve All Faced Thanks to Head Lice

Remember that girl in 5th grade that made fun of you for having head lice? You probably dream about meeting her at the school reunion, hoping to open your hair, with your clean scalp on display. But that seems like a far-fetched dream, especially when you’re... read more

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