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Senior Lice Care – What You Should Do

Firstly, let’s get something out of the way. If you have lice, we’ll tell you the same thing we tell everyone else; it’s okay. There are a lot of misconceptions around head lice infestations: how they only infest dirty hair, they can take days to go away and you need... read more

Myth Busting – Head Lice Edition

It’s a normal reaction to freak out when your child comes home from school, with lice swarming through his/her hair. It didn’t just happen overnight. Somehow, you missed the signs, or did you…? The constant aggravated itching, the grumpiness, the little specks of... read more

Prevent Your Kids From Catching Lice In Summer Camps

It’s that time of the year again when your kids go off to summer camps and you can have the house to yourself for a few weeks. Summer camps are great for kids. They get to make new friends, learn leadership skills, engage in fun activities and get a taste of... read more

3 Hairstyles For Your Little Girls That Will Prevent Them From Catching Lice

Lice infestions, more importantly, reinfestations have always troubled parents. There’s no way to guarantee that your child won’t be re-infested but there are steps you can take that help keep their heads stay lice-free. Once of the easiest things parents can do is to... read more

Beat Super-Lice this Summer with Professional Lice Removal Services

If you haven’t heard of it already, the term ‘super-lice’ is used to describe a new generation of lice that is resistant to the pesticides used in OTC anti-lice shampoos and medication. Researchers and parents have found that age-old anti-lice products are ineffective... read more

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