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All That You Need To Know About Super Lice

As far as lice removal goes, parents just visit their local drug store and purchase the best brand of commercial lice removal shampoo and douse their child in the contents. While it might seem like an easy thing to do, following this method isn’t without its harmful... read more

Why Chemical Treatments for Removing Head Lice are Harmful

As the new school year begins, many children between the ages of 3 and 12 (or even older) will show up at school with tanned skin and lice in their hair. As many schools throughout the United States have declared a strict “No Nit Policy,” parents will be forced to... read more

Buying Over-the-Counter Head Lice Removal Products? Think Again

When your child experiences a head lice infestation, it’s natural for you to go into panic mode. Between worrying about the social embarrassment and impending school notice, switching to a quick over-the-counter lice solution seems the only way out. That’s probably... read more

Super Lice – Why You Should Be Worried

Kids love playing outdoors.  But they bring in more than just sand and dirt . Among the unwanted guests, the most unwelcome and absolutely disgusting are head lice. But 21st century parents have more to worry about than just ordinary lice. New research states the... read more


When people hear they can treat lice at home, they’re usually envisioning smearing their children’s heads in mayonnaise, olive oil or some other pantry product. But we’re hear to say if it sounds like an old wives’ tale, it probably is.  ... read more

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