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Phases of Lice Infestation from a Parent’s Perspective

The infestation of that tiny, creepy, six-legged creature has repercussions. As a parent, even hearing that your kid might have lice might sends shivers down your spine. When the dreaded event actually comes to be true, you are left stunned. A thousand different... read more

Protecting Your Kid from Lice Shaming

The call from school informing you that your kid has acquired lice can be the most embarrassing moment of a parent’s life. However, it’s more difficult on the kid and you need to understand that. The sesame seed-sized, six-legged creature can prove to be really... read more

The Downside To OTC Lice Removal Treatment

It’s never a good day when you get the call from your child’s school saying that your child is infested with lice and cannot return to school until they are lice-free. No matter how common lice are amongst children, they will always cause anxiety and distress amongst... read more

Is Dyed Hair Immune to Head Lice?

People are under the impression that dyeing their hair somehow makes them immune to lice – it doesn’t. Some absurd stories of mothers treating head-lice by putting hair relaxers in their child’s hair have also emerged. Chemicals found in hair-dyes and relaxers... read more

You Try Everything to Keep Your Child’s Hair Clean, So Should You Worry About…

You’ve made it a habit to have your kid regularly bathe. You’ve taught them that styling products are not good for their hair. You take your child to a local hairdresser at least once every 3 months to get their hair trimmed. It’s neat, well-maintained and healthy.... read more

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